Monday 30 January 2012

Bee happy .... make a leather bag

I bought some pink leather recently and have decided to make a hand bag.

I decided on a style and cut out my pattern.

I am using this CK fabric for the lining.

Both materials are cut and ready for sewing now, so stay tuned for the finished result.

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Thursday 26 January 2012

Bee happy ...... use candles

I decided to display my candles on a cake stand.

Cake stands come in very handy for lots of things :)

I added a few cones dotted about to fill small gaps.

I do remove the cones now I am lighting the candles every night! Mr Happy says it's about fire safety or something ;)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Monday 23 January 2012

Bee happy .... have a treat

Got a new shop in Meadowhall :)

Last one in the box.

Strawberries and cream donut :)


Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Thursday 19 January 2012

Bee happy ..... meet Anna

I would like you all to meet Anna, my new dolly.

I have been working on her for a couple of days, she is the first doll I have every made and I think she turned out great.

She is holding a satin flower for Spring.

Her dress has a pretty pocket and buttons, beads and lace on.

She also has a net underskirt.

When she isn't busy she sleeps in this matching linen bag with her own name tag :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Bee happy ... use labels

I had some labels printed off a little while ago.

This is one of the ways I use them :)

I bought some pink linen fabric from Ikea a couple of weeks ago and just had to use it and was inspired to make this heart when I found this key charm in my stash.

This is now for sale in my Folksy shop.

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Monday 16 January 2012

Bee happy .... sale bargins

I wanted to show you a couple of things I bought in the sales at John Lewis.

The first is this mirror with shuttered doors.

Original price £40
I paid £15

The next purchase was this jar.

Original price £40
I paid £15

One of my little birds I got for Christmas.

A Christmas present from Mr Happy, he got me a couple of these, I just adore them :)

Can't bear to put these baubles away yet!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Wednesday 11 January 2012

Bee happy ..... finished eiderdown

I have been as busy as a bee working on finishing my eiderdown.

I covered some buttons with both fabrics on then stitched them on the opposite sides of the eiderdown.
These buttons also hold the wadding in place in the eiderdown.

I am really pleased with the finished result.

Do you like my new H&M white linen quilt cover and pillowcases, I  just adore them :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Sunday 8 January 2012

Bee happy ..... get some help so a book can be judged by its cover!

I need a little help from my lovely, beautiful blogging friends.

I wonder how many of you can draw as I need a book cover designing.

I have all of the ideas and layout it's just getting it drawn and onto the computer as I don't have the drawing skills or the technical skills.

If you are able to help please get in touch, you can leave a message on this post or email me at

Thank you, I'd appreciate any help or advice.

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Friday 6 January 2012

Bee happy ..... start a new project

It's the new year and a new project for me.

I have decided to use some of my CK and Ikea fabric and make a throw/eiderdown for the bottom of the bed.

My lovely assistant is on hand again offering support and encouragement until I had to put her in the kitchen as she kept moving the fabric while I pinned.

I cut out my 2 pieces of fabric and put wadding in between them.

I then cut pieces of fabric for a frill around the edges.  I ironed these in half to help with the pinning.

Stay tuned for the finished product, it won't be long.

Bee happy
Have a delicious day!

Wednesday 4 January 2012

Bee happy ... make fabric pom poms

I was seeing lots of wool pom poms everywhere and had an idea.

I decided to try a pom pom in fabric.

Out came the fabric and to keep the edges looking soft I tore the fabric into strips.
(I just love this tearing noise!)

I wrapped the strips of fabric around and around my 2 cardboard circles until I couldn't fit any more through the centre hole.

The hardest part was cutting around the fabric to part the 2 pieces, my poor little hands did hurt after this :(

I decided to use the same fabric to make a fabric hanger.

I loved my big pom pom so much I decided to make a smaller one to keep it company.

This time I used lace to tie around the centre and for the hanger.

A small finishing touch on the fabric hanger was needed so I stitched on a cute button.

I just love my pom poms, I may possibly make some more :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!