Tuesday 30 November 2010

Bee happy ....... make a Christmas stocking

1. Cut out a stocking shape in newspaper when you are happy with a size and style.

2.  Cut out x2 pieces of felt or fabric for the stocking and a rectangle for a pocket if you want one.

3.  Stitch ribbon across the top of the pocket then stitch the pocket onto the front piece of your stocking.

4.  If you want a decoration piece around the top of your stocking measure the width of the top of the stocking and cut out a rectangle, cutting into it to make a pattern.  Stitch this to the top of the front of the stocking.

5.  Place the two stocking pieces right sides together and stitch around the edges, folding the top over to make a secure seam.  When you get to the top attach a hanging loop as you sew to the top.

6.  Turn inside out so the stocking the right way.  Decorate with any buttons.

Monday 29 November 2010

Knitting and stitching show - Harrogate

I went to the Knitting and Stitching show in Harrogate, Yorkshire on Sunday with my lovely neighbour.  We braved the snow, ice and -10.5 temperatures to get there.

It was great!  Full of gorgeous fabrics, crafts, ribbons, buttons etc, we both spent loads but came back very happy with hands full of bags.  Can't wait to start making things with my purchases now.

Bought some grey and black wool fabric and am intending to make a scarf with it like a Mulberry one I have seen on-line.  It won't be exactly the same as I will be adding my own twist as usual to it.

Friday 26 November 2010

Bee happy ....... make a corsage

These make great gifts for yourself or others.

1.  Decide whether you want your shape as a circle, strips or a flower.

2.  For a circle, cut out 4 circles getting smaller in size in different fabrics with similar colours.  Place them on top of each other and secure the fabrics together in the centre with a button.  Cut out small triangles around the edges of each circle, staggered.  To enable you to pin to clothes, bags etc use a safety pin on the reverse.

3.  For a flower corsage, as with the circles, cut out 4 or 5 flower shapes in contrasting fabrics in different sizes.  To add ribbon cut some in different colours and lengths and then sandwich between the middle of the flowers.  These will be secured when you attach the ribbon in the centre on the front.  Again, use a safety pin on the reverse.

4.  For strips, cut 6 or 7 strips of fabric, you could use crimping shears for a different edge, and place on top of each other to make a circle.  You may have to trim the ends when finished so the circle is neat.  Sew a button in the centre again to secure all pieces of fabric and a safety pin on the reverse.

Thursday 25 November 2010

Bee happy ....... make star decorations

1.  Cut 2 star shapes out of felt in any colour, I have used red and white for one and snowflake design for another.

2.  Using a sewing machine or hand stitching, stitch around the side and when you get to the top of the star slip in a loop of ribbon for hanging and carrying on sewing.

3.  To decorate, add buttons or bells.

Wednesday 24 November 2010

Bee happy ..... make a felt holly decoration

This is such an easy decoration to make and doesn't take very long at all.  No machine stitching necessary.

1.  Draw a simple holly leaf shape on paper and when you are happy with it cut it out and use it for a pattern.

2.  Pin the pattern on green felt (I got mine from Dunelm but Hobbycraft sells it as well) and cut out 3 leaves.

3. Cut out a cluster of berries in red felt.

4.  Find a piece of ribbon to use for hanging.

5.  Place the 3 leaves on top of each other, place the ribbon on top of the leaves then place the berries on top.  Using red cotton stitch them all together to hold in place.

 Finished and ready to hang on the tree.

Tuesday 23 November 2010

Bee happy ....... make cinnamon stick decorations for Christmas

It's really easy to make this cute and scented decoration for your Christmas tree.

1. Get 3 cinnamon sticks and put in a pile.

2. Get some pretty ribbon that goes with your Christmas colour scheme and wrap around the 3 sticks, tie in a bow or knot to secure.

3. Take a second piece of ribbon, same or matching and thread a bead or small bell onto the ribbon.  Thread this ribbon under the tied bow. I bought my bells from Paperchase.

4. Make sure the ribbon is equal in length and tie a knot at the ends to secure.

5. The decoration is ready for hanging.

Monday 22 November 2010

Whoop whoop new blog!

Just finished setting up my new blog, am impressed I have managed it all on my own.

Have been busy buying Christmas presents at the moment and have already started wrapping them, I am so organised.  Amazon and Ebay have been useful for present buying this year.

Have also been making gifts as well now I have finished sewing blinds for my new summer house in the garden.  Bags, cushions, lavender bags and fabric hearts have all been crafted, as well as cinnamon stick and felt Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree.

The colour and theme for this years Christmas in my house is red, white and vintage, using gingham and spots ribbons with brown and red wrapping paper.  Even the dogs are getting their own red felt stockings with their initials on them I am making.

I have my working area now all set and ready to go.