Tuesday 30 November 2010

Bee happy ....... make a Christmas stocking

1. Cut out a stocking shape in newspaper when you are happy with a size and style.

2.  Cut out x2 pieces of felt or fabric for the stocking and a rectangle for a pocket if you want one.

3.  Stitch ribbon across the top of the pocket then stitch the pocket onto the front piece of your stocking.

4.  If you want a decoration piece around the top of your stocking measure the width of the top of the stocking and cut out a rectangle, cutting into it to make a pattern.  Stitch this to the top of the front of the stocking.

5.  Place the two stocking pieces right sides together and stitch around the edges, folding the top over to make a secure seam.  When you get to the top attach a hanging loop as you sew to the top.

6.  Turn inside out so the stocking the right way.  Decorate with any buttons.

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