Tuesday 27 August 2013

Bee happy ...... get the tweed out

I was looking through my Country Living magazine and came across this upcycled tweed jacket.
I love all of the little extra details on here so thought I would change a jacket of my own.

This grey tweed jacket is from Matalan and thought it would be perfect to add some pretties to.

These are the colours I think I will use, Tilda ribbons and satin fabric with a Cath Kidston crown brooch and a brooch I have made. May be a little vintage lace too .....
Check back soon to see the changes.
Bee happy x

Monday 19 August 2013

Bee happy ...... make some changes

A lovely neighbour gave me this screen over the weekend.
I now plan on painting the frame and putting some different fabrics on each panel.

Watch this space for the re-vamp.
Bee happy x

Monday 12 August 2013

Bee happy ..... strange things around us

Mr Happy and I recently went to a warehouse clearance searching for bargains
We came away with a couple of things but also saw some strange things too!
A broken arm.

Buddha holding his own head.

Lots of years bad luck!
Good job it wasn't either of us that broke all this!

Lots of mini mannequins.

And last but not least, Mr Happy just couldn't let this divers helmet pass him by without trying it on!
What strange things have you seen recently?
Bee happy x

Friday 9 August 2013

Bee happy .... help someone

Hey ladies, I would like to feature other people's homes from around the world on my design blog www.beehappyhomedesign.blogspot.com.
It would be great to share decorating tips, advice and styles with each other.
 If you would love your home to be featured just email me or message me saying why you love your home, your favourite room and any great buys or vintage finds with a couple of photos.
I would love to see what you love about your home and share it with others. It would also be good if you just want to share any buying or decorating tips too. 
It would be great if you could pass this on to a friend who may be interested too.

Thank you, hope to hear from you soon 
Bee happy x

Thursday 8 August 2013

Bee happy ...... make vintage book journals

I have been a busy bee lately enjoying myself with vintage books.
My love of stationery, vintage and books has led me to making vintage book journals for recording happy thoughts and memories in.
I love making these Bee happy journals and have kept a couple for myself :)
I have listed them in my Etsy store for sale and have sold some on Facebook already.

This Bee happy @ home journal is a favourite of mine because it is for recording happy home decorating tips and ideas with envelopes and mood boards for building up room schemes.

This journal Bee happy live each day has already sold with lots of envelopes, postcards, and little surprises in.

Again, this little Bee happy journal has sold, but so cute, another favourite of mine in a small
red vintage book.

Another sold journal, love the cover on this one, so pretty.

It is truly hard to give these little books of happiness away!
What would you record in a Bee happy journal?
Bee happy x

Monday 5 August 2013

Bee happy ...... have a look around

We were invited to a birthday celebration last week in an old Mill owners house in Glossop.
It was a family members 60th birthday and he had hired out this beautiful old house for the week.
I just had to have a nosey around at all of the beautiful features.
Most doors had this decorative detailing.

Beautiful carved curtain poles.

Working wooden shutters on most windows.
The downstairs windows were all floor to ceiling height too.

Large radiators.

Beautiful staircase.

Gorgeous wooden bed with lots of detail in the headboard.

Roof top view from the top floor.

It was such a beautiful house I just had to share the photos, sorry some of them are a little dark as it was earlier evening when I took them.
Have a happy week!
Bee happy x

Friday 2 August 2013

Bee happy ..... finished crates

Remember my painting session?
These are the finished white crates now back in place.
I have a sweetie shop in the kitchen with the small and medium crates.

The largest crate is holding my large books in the lounge.

I love the crates white, they look so much better.
Bee happy x