Monday 12 August 2013

Bee happy ..... strange things around us

Mr Happy and I recently went to a warehouse clearance searching for bargains
We came away with a couple of things but also saw some strange things too!
A broken arm.

Buddha holding his own head.

Lots of years bad luck!
Good job it wasn't either of us that broke all this!

Lots of mini mannequins.

And last but not least, Mr Happy just couldn't let this divers helmet pass him by without trying it on!
What strange things have you seen recently?
Bee happy x


  1. I have to say that broken bits of doll are a bit spooky, I like weird stuff but not sure about that! Can't say iv'e seen anything too strange lately x

  2. Mr Happy made me laugh! An interesting batch of goodies. I have to agree with Rosa Lily...I get creeped out by the doll heads and such.

  3. Lol... lots of lovely things to look at too I hope... xx


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