Friday 13 September 2013

Bee happy ..... renovate a screen

Do you remember a little while ago a lovely friend gave me this plain wooden and canvas screen?
I have now finished it and am ready to show you.
I painted the frame white and then made some new fabric panels with white linen fabric, lace trim and pretty shell buttons.

My new screen is great for displaying pretty clothes
(and hiding a lot of mess behind it too).

I am really pleased with the finished screen, do you like?
Bee happy x

Tuesday 10 September 2013

Bee happy ...... upcycle a tweed jacket

Do you remember this jacket in the Country Living magazine?
Well now I have finished customising my grey tweed jacket.
Hope you like it.

Lace and ribbon detail on the pocket and cuff.

Ribbon detail on cuff and bottom of the pocket.

A secret Union Jack inside the jacket.

My own brooch I made with beads, bee, ribbon and crown.
Plus a Cath Kidston crown brooch too.

Ribbon and lace detail on the back too.
The floral ribbon is from my Tilda stash and the grey lace is French vintage.

I love the changes to my new jacket.
Perfect for wearing now there is a chill to the air.
What do you think?
Bee happy x

Thursday 5 September 2013

Bee happy ....... with ribbon

A lovely neighbour treated me to some gorgeous French bee ribbon.
She couldn't decide which to get the wide or the thin so she got me both :)
I just adore this ribbon it is so special.
Seems a shame to use it, at the moment it is on display in a box frame in my craft room.
How would you use ribbon like this?
Bee happy x

Monday 2 September 2013

Bee happy ...... visit Chatsworth Country Show

I visited Chatsworth Country Show over the weekend.
As usual lots of things to see and do.
I just loved this baby donkey who was only a few weeks old.

The bird show was great, these 2 small owls were so cute and small

Chatsworth have nearly finished their maintenance and the windows were painted gold.

What have you been doing over the weekend?
Bee happy x