Friday 13 September 2013

Bee happy ..... renovate a screen

Do you remember a little while ago a lovely friend gave me this plain wooden and canvas screen?
I have now finished it and am ready to show you.
I painted the frame white and then made some new fabric panels with white linen fabric, lace trim and pretty shell buttons.

My new screen is great for displaying pretty clothes
(and hiding a lot of mess behind it too).

I am really pleased with the finished screen, do you like?
Bee happy x


  1. I love it! It looks fresh and inviting, I don't believe there is a mess anywhere :)

  2. Oooh, I would be pleased too : )
    It has turned out gorgeous! You have such wonderful ideas!

  3. I loves it Deborah I do (sorry, I've a touch of a west country accent today, I can't help it). xx

  4. Lovely Deb, you should be really proud x

  5. Looks great you I'd a great job.

  6. The screen looks so pretty, quite nostalgic, the lace trim adding a lovely feminine feel to it! Well done. Love what you did with the Tweed jacket too!

  7. Deb, it's perfect! I do, I do like it very much. You did it up lovely.

    Keep well and joyful,

    Marianne xo

  8. Its so pretty well done, dee x

  9. I have missed following your blog more closely. Such a busy summer for me. I love your screen but more than that, I LOVE your jacket. You have the best touch and eye for detail. Thanks for the idea.


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