Friday 26 November 2010

Bee happy ....... make a corsage

These make great gifts for yourself or others.

1.  Decide whether you want your shape as a circle, strips or a flower.

2.  For a circle, cut out 4 circles getting smaller in size in different fabrics with similar colours.  Place them on top of each other and secure the fabrics together in the centre with a button.  Cut out small triangles around the edges of each circle, staggered.  To enable you to pin to clothes, bags etc use a safety pin on the reverse.

3.  For a flower corsage, as with the circles, cut out 4 or 5 flower shapes in contrasting fabrics in different sizes.  To add ribbon cut some in different colours and lengths and then sandwich between the middle of the flowers.  These will be secured when you attach the ribbon in the centre on the front.  Again, use a safety pin on the reverse.

4.  For strips, cut 6 or 7 strips of fabric, you could use crimping shears for a different edge, and place on top of each other to make a circle.  You may have to trim the ends when finished so the circle is neat.  Sew a button in the centre again to secure all pieces of fabric and a safety pin on the reverse.

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