Wednesday 1 June 2011

Bee happy ..... use buttons

The broadband has been down at home most of today so I made the most of my time and changed the buttons on my cardi.  I had seen one similar in John Lewis with different buttons but thought I could do it myself :)

I cut the old buttons off the cardi and then picked out some new ones from my stash.

When I finally decided which order to put them in I then just stitched each button over the tiny holes left from the old ones.

This got me thinking what else I had used buttons on in the house.

A plain black out roller blind in the spare bedroom looks prettier with heart buttons along the bottom.Again, I copied this idea, saw one in B&Q which was about £70 with buttons on.  Got my blind from Dunelm Mill and stitched buttons along the bottom myself :)

I used buttons for the numbers on this clock I made to match my kitchen.

When the string broke on my heart sign (it was glued in the centre at the top) I drilled 2 holes at the top and then used twine to hang it up, adding a cute button for extra prettiness.

Wonder what you have used buttons on?

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!


  1. What very imaginative uses for buttons...I love the clock! I like the wire button hearts that are around at the moment. :0)

  2. they all look great, but i really love the buttons on the blind - fab idea!!

  3. Great use of buttons - I really love the clock you made - so clever! I see we are both fans of Cath Kidston pink polka dot oilcloth! LOL!

  4. oooooohhh super cuteeee buttons, love how you used different buttons on the cardi, i absolutely love the buttons on the blinds too and the clock is adorable!! so loving it here, the guestroom sign with the cute button is too cute too! you're sooo talented!!

    PS: Happy Birthday to your hubby and thank you for the anniversary wishes xx Susan

  5. I use buttons on the brooches and crocheted necklaces in my Wuglyees etsy shop! Buttons have so many wonderful uses, don't they?!! :-)

  6. Cute as a button isn't just a phase :-D It's so true that almost everything is enhanced with a button in the right place :-D

    Jem xXx

  7. Love the heart clock. I have made a few pairs of earrings out of vintage buttons and they get quite a few admiring comments.

  8. See how much we would get done if we didn't have tv and computer, etc. I sometimes wish I didn't have all the distractions, but I sure do love my gadgets. Nice job on the cardigan, love the buttons. You made something that everyone else could have be a one of a kind treasure. Probably had a fun time doing it too! Good for you. I should turn off this computer and go do something crafty!

  9. Do you ever sleep missy? Love love love buttons, so very cute!
    Lady Linda

  10. I love buttons. Your cardi looks lovely

  11. Hello and thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog!

    Im so excited to be paired up with you for the charity swap, and have started gathering a few bits and bobs already!

    I cant seem to find your email on your profile tho, could you go to my profile and email me your details, likes/dislikes etc?

    thanks so much!



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