Tuesday 3 April 2012

Bee happy ..... smile

I have been really busy lately and apologise for not commenting on many blogs at the moment.

A few things are making me smile this week despite being so busy.

I have been tidying my summer house
while the big dog was enjoying the sun.
Photos soon of my new interior.

While sorting some boxes I discovered some of Mr Happy's treasures
from years ago :)

Poor Batman and Robin they don't seem to have a car anymore!

Hope you are all having a great week.

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!


  1. Loved seeing what you've been doing this week! Give a scratch behind the ears to your faithful friends :)

  2. Lovely doggy, So glad you are smiling enjoy your Spring cleaning.

  3. Have a Wonderful Day! Hugs

  4. I have the wonderful life heart love it,hope you have had a good day I have.Love Jill xx

  5. Your Summer house looks beautiful,they always make me smile...

  6. Don't you just feel better after a bit of organising and cleaning....hope youv'e had a very productive day
    XX Manda XX

  7. I hear you Deb, its been so busy this past week, I haven't had time to scratch myself :)

    I think I have fallen in love with your summer house!

    I will be kicking Carl up the but to get him moving on your cover...I will get him to email soon, enjoy your busy week, Tam x

    p.s love batman and Robin

  8. Glad your well im the same busy beyond belief but im trying to catch up with a couple of blogs. Your summer house looks gorgeous, dee x

  9. These are lovely! Your dog is adorable! Have a fabulous day, Kellie xx

  10. Fab pics, looking forward to seeing inside your Summerhouse. Hope the snow hasn't affected you too badly, luckily we haven't had any! Take care x

  11. Oh, your summerhouse looks lovely!! Love your blog, and I am your newest follower!! Ya, for new friends! Have a beautiful day! xo Heather

  12. Your summer house looks so pretty, I look forward to seeing more of it. I missed some recent posts, and haven't seen your new shop yet, but will go and have a look! Good luck with your new venture.
    Have a happy Easter.
    Helen x

  13. I've love your post...
    Wishing you a happy easter..
    Love Chris

  14. I've been cleaning and found a few things from hubby's childhood too! oh the summer house is open now? i just loveee your hearts decoration!

    xx susan


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