Wednesday 6 June 2012

Bee happy …. take a European road trip

Mr Happy and I have recently taken a European road trip, it was the first time that we have driven abroad.

We took our VW Golf with us and I managed not to pack too much as I also needed space in the boot for any purchases along the way J. Mr Happy enjoyed getting the car ready checking with the car insurance company we were ok to travel in Europe, they also gave us European breakdown cover through the policy, just in case! Although we were lucky enough not to need it.

We also took the Euro Tunnel for the first time as well. We travelled upstairs on the way there, it was like the Italian Job film getting onto the train.

 We visited France and Switzerland.

The first stop in France was Laon. Our French is quite basic but I think we managed quite well! Smiling a lot also helped.
We did manage to find a hotel on the fifth attempted in Laon as it was a French Bank Holiday, if we had booked in advance it just wouldn’t be a road trip.

It was really beautiful here and was a real shame that we didn’t have time to stay longer.

We took the auto routes into France and Switzerland and paid the toll charges but this made the driving so much easier as the roads were so clear and easy to drive on.
As you can see the weather was wet for the first day of travelling but then the sun came out and stayed out. 

Once we entered Switzerland we went through many tunnels, this was different as we don’t have tunnels like this in the UK.

Switzerland is so beautiful. We stayed in Wilderswil but explored around the Lauterbrunnen and the Interlaken area. 

Hotel balcony view

This was the view from our hotel balcony. In the background is the Jungfrau Mountain which is the highest mountain in Europe.

There were lots of these water troughs throughout the villages with running water on each.

While exploring we came across this old bridge and church.

This bridge dates back to 1738 and was recently damaged in a flood in August 2005 but it has since been fully restored.

We will definitely be returning to France and Switzerland but hope to stay longer this time.

On our return home we had some bad luck. We were travelling through a small village a couple of miles away from our house and this crop sprayer was cutting the corner, didn’t see us and drove straight into the back of the car. Mr Happy was not so anymore L

The car insurance took care of everything. They came and took our poorly car away and left us with another one until ours is fully repaired.

The damage doesn’t look too bad but it pushed the petrol tank and suspension back. We only just managed to drive it back home, with it creaking and groaning all the way.
The car is a Blue motion so there is a lot of clever technology which recovers the energy when braking to use later and it is very expensive to put right but great for the environment.
My lovely neighbour came round later that day to see if we were ok and brought this embroidery round that she had made on her machine to cheer me up incorporating my favourite things, a bee and crown, she knows me so well!

I decided to put this gorgeous embroidery in a frame for the living room wall and added a little lace top and bottom.
I know this has been a long post but thanks for sticking with it!
Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!


  1. I love your road trip pictures, I would love to go on an adventure like that one day!

    So glad you and your husband weren't hurt, silly crop sprayer man!

    Your neighbour is so kind, (and very talented), I love the design - looks fab in the frame.

    Enjoy the rest of the week xx

  2. all those miles in foreign climes...only to be assaulted by a crop sprayer at home- so sorry your trip ended with a bang.

  3. what a great trip, i adore France but have never been to for thought, thanks

  4. What lovely photographs. It's a shame your trip ended with the accident. I hate driving abroad, you are so much braver than me.

    It was a lovely gift from your neighbour.


  5. What a wonderful post, Bee! I love all of the photos of your trip! And I learned something too...about the UK not having tunnels! WOW! You'd be an interesting driver in the Holland Tunnel in New York then! LOL It goes on underground for at least 15 or 20 minutes at full speed! ^_^ Thanks for taking us along..and sorry about the accident. Isn't it always the way, that things like that happen just as you're close to home!!! ^_^ I'm glad you're both alright.

  6. Thank goodness you and Mr H are ok!! But all in all it looked like a wonderful trip.

    I havent been to France for ages...


  7. I would love to go on a road trip. Seems awesome!! :)

  8. What a fabulous adventure and fancy driving all those miles then having an accident so close to home! Glad you're both ok. Lovely pictures and your kind neighbours pressie is so pretty. Love, Claire xxx

  9. That is some road trip! Such a beautiful place and I enjoyed every photo. I have always been intrigued with France and still to this day WANT TO GO THERE! LOL! Maybe some day it will happen. Your trip was just amazing and I'm glad you shared it with us. Too bad about your car, though. Glad the insurance was in place.
    YOUR NEIGHBOR IS A FABULOUS LADY! Her embroidery is fantastic. You framed it so beautifully!!
    Have a great day,

  10. I'm not a big fan of driving but weirdly do quite fancy a road trip - maybe on big American empty roads I could manage! France is lovely of course, but I have never been to Switzerland, looks beautiful.

    Sorry about the accident, what a pain. The embroidery is amazing though - what a lovely neighbour you have

  11. Wow what a lovely post. I absolutely love Switzerland - such a beautiful place. We often suggest road trippin' on the continent, but are never quite brave enough to!

  12. Well done on going for the first driving trip abroad. My hubby would love us to drive to France - but Im just too scared!! Dont know what Im frightened of - I suppose of driving on the wrong side of the road and not knowing the rules and regs! And probably incase we breakdown or have an accident! It did look lovely though and my friends tell me of lots of pretty shops they drive too...............maybe - just maybe!
    Sorry to hear about the accident - but glad you are both ok.
    So would you drive over there again??

  13. What a wonderful trip and lovely photos. Wow, all those miles and an accident close to home.

  14. I'm glad you had a great trip, despite the little accident along the way. Hope you feel rested!!

  15. Your road trip seems like it was fabulous! So beautiful!! So sorry about your car, what a bummer!! Hope you have a lovely rest of the week! xo Heather

  16. Oh dear your poor little car. The trip looked amazing though! I feel I want to go to Switzerland now. Check out my blog as you won my giveaway. I just need your address to post to you. Have a nice day xxx

  17. drive all that way and then that happens just as you are almost home!
    Glad you had a lovely trip,I have yet to go through the tunnel....a little claustrophobic. :0)

  18. What Nice that you guys have enjoyed the trip and what fun with another old Volkswagen. What a shame that you guys have had an accident at the last minute.


  19. I'm happy you enjoyed your trip, Deb - it all looks so beautiful! Sorry your welcome home was marred, but you did get something beautiful from it which will last for years - what a nice neighbor!. Oh, and I'm really happy you and Mr. Happy were unscathed by the event.

    Blessings to you both,
    Marianne xo

  20. Oh my...sorry about your car. My daughter had a Gulf and loved it. Glad you were not hurt and as my hubby says, you're going to have x amount of accidents, just be thankful when you're not hurt.
    Your trip looks wonderful!

  21. great road trip - switzerland is on my list of places to go. So sorry to hear about your accident though xxxxxx

  22. Lovely to hear about your road trip....your pictures are great...and you went all that way without mishap until a few miles from home .....oh dear. Glad you car insurance sorted it all out. Your neighbours embroidery is beautiful and looks lovely framed.
    Helen x


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