Tuesday 12 February 2013

Bee happy ..... eat pancakes

Happy Pancake Day everyone!

How do you like yours?
I love sugar and lemon juice on mine.
Another favourite is with treacle :)
Bee happy x


  1. Feeling like a very bad mummy as I didn't even realise it is Pancake Day until it was mentioned on the radio as I drove into work this morning. Lemon and sugar every time for me! M x

  2. Damn! I missed pancake day! Will have to have some tomorrow. I grew up with lemon and sugar and very thin crepe style pancakes. My kids like thicker ones with chocolate chips inside, they are delicious!

  3. It has to be lemon and sugar for me! Have a good day x

  4. Pancake day we love it here. My children just like lemon and sugar. But I like to have the lot, lemon, sugar fruits and ice cream. YUM!YUM!Rosezeeta

  5. Every Sunday is pancake day for us! ^_^ ... And hmmm...sugar and lemon on pancakes! O_O That's something I've never considered! I usually put bananas and syrup, or strawberries, blueberries, or sauteed apples...Honestly, any way you have them they are an "enjoy-fest!" ^_^

  6. Have just made the batter for ours - lemon juice & syrup is my favourite combination :)

  7. Oh those look so yum - lemon and sugar for us (but the chocolate looks tempting!)

    Have a great week hun,

    Estelle xx

  8. Hi dear!!
    Oh, pancakes..I'm hungry now haha
    I prefer with chocolte, tones of chocolate haha

  9. for some reason I am awfully hungry for sweet foods :) Lovely ideas!!

  10. Me and mine love Pancakes. My hubby has lemon and sugar, I have just sugar - cant wait! xx

  11. Ooh I love sugar and lemon too but could easily be swayed by the chocolate and strawberry one!

    Enjoy ...

    Claire xxx

  12. OMGosh, that's made me sooo hungry now. I wish I had the middle one...that has to be nutella spread all over that pancake. MMM..mmmmm!!!

    Never tried with lemon juice, but it sounds good...I bet lemon curd would do well, too.

    Okay, off to find something to eat.

    Enjoy a wonderful day, Deb,

    Marianne xox

  13. Love, love pancakes! great post❤

  14. Sugar and lemon for me to :-) dee x


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