Wednesday 10 April 2013

Bee happy .... make some pretty vintage style bunting

I bought some handkerchiefs recently and decided to make some vintage style bunting with them.
I cut each hanky in half diagonally and then folded in half again and stitched along one side.
I folded this back out and pressed it with the iron.

I then found some tape for along the top and folded this in half over the long edge of each hanky.

When I slotted the hanky in between the tape I also chose some laces and ribbons and pinned each section as I went along

Finished bunting pictures coming soon.
Bee happy x


  1. Oh, it looks so pretty - can't wait to see the whole thing!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Hi Deb,
    Your bunting will look so sweet when it is all the little details..xo

  3. Delightful handkerchiefs, Deb! I'm excited to see the upcoming bunting photographs.

    I do so like hankies, and I will keep a look out for them because I'd like to start using them again.

    Blessings for a creative day,
    Marianne xo

  4. I love making bunting & this wat using hankies is brill. Hope you don't mind if I 'steal' your idea & have a go...???
    Jo. x

  5. I can't wait to see it finished!...I love vintage hankies....

  6. 'ive thought of doing this before, when we get a bunch of hankies in the charity shop, you could do it with doilies too, that would be cute! cant wait to see the finished pics x


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