Tuesday 9 July 2013

Bee happy ...... visit the beach

Just got back from Woolacombe in North Devon after having a couple of days at the seaside.
There is a row of pretty beach huts on Woolacombe beach.
Each beach hut has a girls name.
I managed to find my name.

I also found my lovely friend Marianne's name from over at Leisure Lane.

Are you heading off somewhere for a holiday soon?
Bee happy x


  1. I wish I was going to the beach, but not this year! Love the beach boxes all in a row :)

  2. Hello Deborah, lovely beach huts arent they? For me they epitomise the british seaside. I love our coastline especially the east coast but this year we are venturing further afield to Cape Cod across the pond!! Cant wait for that.

  3. Holiday at home I'm afraid. But we will make the most if. Lots of beaches and places of interest close by. Love the beach huts, so colourful.

  4. What pretty litte beach huts, we have had 3 weeks school holidays but stay at home this time, to cold.

  5. beach huts with names, I love it! we painted our shed to look like a beach hut, I wonder if I should give it a name?
    we'll be holidaying on the Yorkshire coast again, it's an annual event. freezing cold and weather no doubt but we still love it x

  6. What cute little huts, Deb, and what a surprise to see my name on one of them...thank you for the mention. And I'll pretend the number on 'my' hut is my age :) It's so wonderfully remarkable to think that all the way across the ocean a dear one is being reminded of you. Isn't this the beauty of blogging? I'm blessed to have met you, and be part of your friendship. I'm so happy you had a grand time and the seashore.

    Have a happy, colorful week,

    Marianne xo


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