Tuesday 4 March 2014

Bee happy ...... eat pancakes!

It's Shrove Tuesday today!

Happy pancake day!

How do you like yours?

Bee happy x


  1. We will be having ours later on tonight, mine with sugar and Mr P. with sugar and lemon xx

  2. Mmmmm...i normally make the thin ones...but after seeing your pictures I would eat the chocolate ones!!

  3. Only one way for us ... sugar and lemon every time! We didn't have them yesterday though as we have them for breakfast every Saturday! M x

  4. It's got to be lemon and a sprinkling of sugar for me.xx

  5. M..mmm these look yummy! I was eating pancakes everyday and had to back off a bit. I love them with blueberries inside, or chocolate chips (that chocolate sauce looks delicious), and with bananas mashed in the batter with pecans (tastes like banana bread), oatmeal...I think I've tried them a thousand ways..and I also try different flours, too.

    Have a fun day, Deb!
    Marianne xo

  6. Yes pancakes are a thing to be celebrated!! Now I think I shall make them for desert!


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