Tuesday 11 November 2014

Bee happy .... make an advent gift calender

I have been busy gathering little gifts, presents and sweet treats for making our Christmas advent calendar this year.
This years colours are grey and white and the bags will be sealed with this cute star washi tape.
I found these numbered stickers on Pinterest and printed them off onto A4 sticker paper.
Each bag will be numbered for a little treat each day in December.
What advent are you having this year?
Bee happy x


  1. What a sweet idea, Deb!

    Marianne xo

  2. I love this. I'm making an advent calendar for a dear friend of mine this year. I'm still busy sourcing little gifts that will all be individually wrapped and numbered. Then in each little pocket will be a chocolate coin and a Christmas related note like go and look at some Christmas lights, or watch a Christmas film et. I can't wait to give it to her :) x x x x


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