Thursday 29 January 2015

Bee happy ..... updated sofa

Last year I decided to paint and re-cover this pretty sofa to freshen it up.
I made a patchwork cover for the bottom half and plain fabric was used for the back.

I was really pleased with the transformation but I have been busy decorating the kitchen/diner over the last couple of weeks and have changed the Cath Kidston wallpaper for hare wallpaper and the sofa didn't match any more.
So I re-covered it again!

I used a linen table cloth for the back piece of fabric and some grey velvet from Ikea for the bottom piece. I also used my daisy patterned tacks to hold the fabric in place.

I am really pleased with the finished look and found some rabbit cushions to compliment the whole scheme.
Have you got any projects planned?
Bee happy x


  1. Hello Deborah,

    Gosh, you recover sofas faster than we have hot dinners!

    We truly believe that you could transform this sofa to fit any decorating scheme. It looks really good in its new clothes.......for now!

  2. oh! I love all of the colours! I always have a lot of projects in my head, I just need to get them out there lol!

  3. Absolutely fantastic. I love your décor taste.

    Debbie x

  4. OH, my gosh! I'm amazed at how you just redo something like that. Your first couch was so lovely, and this one is just as remarkable. You really are such a talented woman.

    My mom could do things like that, but not me. She taught me to sew, which I'm grateful for, but I don't think I could take on such a feat. Good for you, Deb! I like that you were able to get matching pillows, too :)

  5. Loved both the makeovers but I prefer the 2nd, just because it's more my style. Anything with linen on it gets my vote! xx

  6. Great job on all of your transformations! xx

  7. Ooh the current transformation is absolutely amazing :)


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