Monday 16 May 2011

Bee happy ..... catch up

Seems like ages since I last posted cos Blogger was down!

A quick reminder of what these looked like before I sprayed them.

After 2 coats of spray this is what they now look like :)

In place in the flower beds they stand out much better and add a little interest to the garden.

As always my little helpers were on hand.

My washing line broke last week :( It is a retractable one from Lakeland that has 2 lines.  One of the hooks snapped off when I tried to wrap the line around it.

Any ho, I rang the lovely people up at Lakeland but because I had had this washing line for a couple of years it wasn't being stocked any more.  But because Lakeland have a lifetime guarantee on all of their products they gave me a code so I could return the broken washing line and get a credit note in store.  It actually cost me £40 when I bought it, forgotten how expensive it was!

I went to the new Lakeland store in Meadowhall to buy new washing lines.  Turns out that the new lines were £11 each so I got 2 and I had spare credit left.  I cruised the aisles for a while and decided on a PIP tea towel as well.  I am still £8 in credit :) will save that for a rainy day!

I won another giveaway a little while ago and my prize came in the post on Saturday.

Deborah at The Wugs Backyard crochets these necklaces herself, they are so pretty.

Check out Deborah's blog as she has just crocheted a gorgeous bag.

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!


  1. you did very well on the washing lines guarantee
    oh my wordy i love the tea towel x and also that lovely necklace- how sweet, happy blogging x

  2. You have a brill garden, and well done on Lakeland, they are good with their guarantees. xx

  3. Not cool that your washing line broke, but 'WAY' cool that you got such a good deal on a replacement! How often does that happen?! :-) And also 'WAY' cool to see that you got my little crochet necklace!! Wear it in good health and with a smile. I'm glad to see my little 'Baby' get such a good 'crochet baby mama.' ^_^

  4. Oh. My. Word. I'm having a spot of garden envy. Your's is massive; ours is mini!

    Love the tea towel and the crocheted necklace.

  5. Great spray job, also having garden envy!!! Bonus on the washing line credit! Nice work ;o) Scarlett x

  6. I do like a wander round Lakeland, so many things you didn't know you needed!

  7. I love Lakeland the only trouble is you end up spending a small fortune on things you think you 'need' - Why on earth I purchased one of those heated vacuum food bag sealers I'll never know :( xx

  8. Good old Lakeland! Well done on your pointy garden things x

  9. Well done on your win :)

    Well done to Lakeland for honouring their promises :)

  10. Your garden looks big enough to host Ascot in. :) Lovely. And oooh your doggies are brilliant.

    I really like Pip stuff too - that tea towel is wonderful.

  11. You garden looks huge ;-)) And your little friends are so cute bless them. Sorry to hear about your washing line. Debs necklace is truly beautiful you lucky lady ;-)) enjoy it, dee x

  12. That tea towel is lovely, I didn't realise Lakeland had such good customer service - always nice to hear! Your spray job looks great x

  13. oh wow, spray paint makes life a lil easier dont you think? love the swing in your big garden!! i can imagine sitting there watching those lovely dogs play around! the tea towel you bought is soo adorable, love the roses on it, yay for extra credit!! congrats on winning a gorgeous crochet giveaways, i wish i could do crochet,the necklace looks so lovely!!! xx Susan

  14. Good old Lakeland! Great job spraying - I was looking at some of those at the weekend in a garden centre which were charging lots of money for 1 - I came out empty handed!

  15. Lakeland are good, aren't they? I ordered an e-cloth floor mop which arrived without one crucial piece - no questions asked they sent me a whole new one straight away.

    V. much like your spiffed up plant supports.

  16. What a lovely garden you do have ... so big!
    Thank you for your lovely comment, hugs
    Carolyn x


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