Friday 20 May 2011

Bee happy ..... pat the dog

The poor ickle doggy has burst a blood vessel in her ear and kept scratching it.

The vets sorted out her ear out and put her this collar on to stop her from scratching.

She is feeling so sorry for herself :(

She does have her ickle doggy friend to keep her company :)

I made this bag this morning while poorly dog was at the vets.

The theme is french and black and white on beige linen.

There is an outside back pocket and inside pocket with trims of black and white gingham ribbon.  I also put this ribbon on the handles.

I made a ribbon bag charm as well.

Think I may put this on Folksy later.

Hope your weekend is cheerier than the poorly doggy's.

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!


  1. Lovely bag - tres chic!! Hope your poor doggy is feeling better soon. Have a lovely weekend x

  2. Oh Deb! I so hope your little doggy is feeling better soon, it's so awful when they have to wear those huge cones as you can't help feeling sorry for them even though it's doing them good! I don't know if you've seen the Disney film 'UP' but there the cones are referred to as 'the collar of shame' in that which almost broke my heart lol!

    Love the beige linen themed bag, just beautiful - the simplicity of linen is hard to beat for things like shoppers. Elegant and sophisticated :-)

    Jem xXx

  3. Poor poor mr.doggy.........he looks so sweet poking his head out of the collar...

    Your bag is just a stunner!!!! What a gorgeous and classy it!!

  4. Poor dog - we feel her pain! I do hope her ear gets better soon and you can put the shade back on the lamp! The worst thing with animals is that you can't EXPLAIN to them - it feels so mean. No wonder most of them hate the vet! Lots of gravy bones and cuddles, xxxxxxxx

  5. Hope your little sweetheart gets better soon, and love the bag! x

  6. Poor thing earache is so horrid, our lab caused chaos around the house when she had to wear a lamp shade.

  7. Poor doggie... :-( ...but cute bag!

  8. oh deb, I hop your doggie is better soon, its miserable for them wearing the cone! Love the bag :o) Scarlett x

  9. oh poor doggy!!! The bag is very lovely...
    have a pleasant weekend

  10. Poor little mite! They don't like those 'lampshades' do they? Bella used to keep bumping into everything,until she got used to it.Hope the ear heals really soon. :0)

  11. Aaaw bless your doggy. But they are so cute! Love that bag x

  12. The bag is just lovely, i love a bit of french influence. My love to poor little doggy, my frank sends his very best! x

  13. Poor pooch. Must be awful to have that thing around her head.

    Your bag is really pretty - simple and chic.

  14. She does look rather sorry for herself doesn't she? Hope her ear is better soon.

    Lovely bag.

  15. ooohhh what a poor dog had to wear the collar from the vets, look at her feeling sorry for herself, im a very sensitive person, cant see something like that without being teary eyed!! so glad she got a friend to accompany her, love her blanket though but still awwwwwww i want to pat her too!! love the bag you made, so chic!! x Susan

  16. aawww sorry to hear you dog is poorly hope she recovers quickly. Cute bag. have a lovely weekend also, dee x

  17. Awww the poor lil sweetheart.
    Gorgeous bag!

  18. Poor puppy! I am so sorry that she has to wear the cone of shame, I hope she feels better soon.

  19. cutest dogs...hope she gets better soon :))

  20. She looks so sorry for herself, hope she is better soon. Love the bag!

  21. Hope your poor little dog is well again soon xx

  22. Love the bag its really pretty, poor dogxx

  23. Awww, poor sweet fur baby!
    Mine had to wear one of those not too long ago, they look so pitiful.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  24. Oh poor thing, hope she's better soon. Her rug is gorgeous ;) did you make it? I wanted to make a similar one to cover Kim's mattress, maybe sooner or later...The bag is stunning too.
    Thank you for visiting and always leaving lovely words!
    Monica x

  25. Sending hugs for your poor little doggy! Lovely bag ... :0)

  26. Aww the cone of shame haha poor little thing. It'll do him good.

    Hope you have a wonderful day, Love.

    That Girl in Pearls


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