Tuesday 6 September 2011

Bee happy ... get some C & R

I had to buy some Cabbages and Roses wallpaper, I just love the pattern.

I have some pink.

I have some black.

I wonder which rooms will get some C & R?

Had a break on Friday from painting and with a girly group we went to the Chatsworth show.

Saw the Red Arrows flying for the first time which was great, but the photos wouldn't down load for some reason :(

I did treat myself to this gorgeous leather bag.

This flower pattern is over the whole bag, it was so pretty couldn't resist it ;)

Found a lovely lady who draws different things on leather bags and purses and asked her if she had any purses with bees on.  She had a rummage and came up with this sweetie :)

I asked if she would be able to write on the leather and of course she obliged and of course I asked for Bee happy ;0)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!


  1. I love the bag and the purse!! The flowers on the bag are so nice...and can you go wrong with bees and flowers?!...I think not!! LOL

  2. But of course...The bags are lovely, especially the clutch. What a nice find, just for you! Hugs!

  3. Oh your little bee bag is just too cute and so perfect for you! Love the wallpaper. I'm a total wallpaper nut! Nice to know someone who loves it too. Kindred Spirits!
    Love, Linda

  4. The bumblebees on the purse are very cute - it suits you perfectly! :-)

    Cabbage and Roses things are amazing aren't they!? Have been devouring them with my eyes online for a while now but haven't taken the plunge and bought anything yet - I bet whichever room you choose it'll look fab!

    Jem xXx

  5. Ooo, beautiful paper! Love your Bee Happy purse too xxx

  6. That purse is so you! The wallpaper looks wonderful, looking forward to seeing it up! x

  7. awwww what a fab purse ;-)) And a lovely bag to. Your paper is going to look fab also i am sure you have good taste. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee xx

  8. That is soooo cool!!!! Love the drawing!

  9. Oh my goodness...that wallpaper is going to be stunning! Lucky you my friend. xoxox

  10. i loveee the bag and the purse with bees! love personalized stuff and that is just perfect! the C & R wallpaper are just gorgeous! the polkadot wrapping paper is also cute hehe love them all!! xx susan

  11. How can you leave us like that??? I'm in so much suspense!! What are you going to do with your yummy wallpaper? I LOVE it!


  12. wow you have bought some lovely things, I love the purse in particular, so cute!

  13. loving your rooms and that purse is cute xx


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