Thursday 20 October 2011

Bee happy .... catch up

Is it me or are the little dogs making a love heart?

The little dogs know how to wedge themselves in to a basket to keep warm and cosy.

This is the moon still out the other morning, managed to catch a bird in shot as well :)

Went a drive with Mr Happy over the weekend and came across this little village. Love this old building with its painted door and leaves on the ground.

The phone box is no ordinary phone box either.

It's a book exchange box ;)

Remember when my HOME letters kept dropping off the wall and breaking in the middle of the night?

I have a cunning idea.

I am going to glue them onto this wooden heart which I will then hang on the wall.

These suckers won't drop off again!

I have painted the heart grey so the letters stand out.

I bet you can guess where this will be hung up with the colour of it :)

Just got my House Beautiful magazine through the letter box and it's full of Christmas stuff so I'm off for a sit down and a look through :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!


  1. Awe, your dogs are so cute, all snuggled up in the little bed together.
    I like the idea of having a book exchange in the old phone box. I think I saw on the news awhile back, that there is one that has been turned into a little mini grocery shop as well, for one of the villages in Yorkshire. It's nice to see the old phone boxes getting used for different purposes.
    I would love to see how the home/heart sign turns out..:)

  2. Oh I got my magazine through today too! Oh and did you know they have a Chirstmas Magazine out for the first time this year - called Beautiful Christmas Idea's...just in case you are interested.

  3. They are the cutest little dogs. Someone I used to know had a red phonebox in their garden that they shelved and used as a mini shed. M x

  4. Your dogs look like the 'Push Me Pull You' from Dr Doolittle squeezed together in their basket!

    I'm trying to have a magazine detox but it might have to wait until the new year as I love the Christmas editions!

  5. Love the photo of your 2 little dogs in one bed. When I saw the red phone box...thought maybe it was a red Tardis. Wonderful idea to use it as book exchange.

  6. Aaah,what cute doggies you have! Looking forward to the December issue of my favourite...Country Homes and drop through the letter box,but I might be tempted to buy that one too!

  7. Oh look at those dogs, aren't they adorable? I love the building you found too, I think it would be great to photograph quilts against...
    Hen x
    P.S. Thanks for your lovely messages.

  8. LOVE the dogs! Great photos that make feel quite homesick.....

  9. What beautiful pets you have! My two can wedge together and look like one in those little pillows! Thanks for sharing them! Love, Loretta

  10. I really like those white HOME letters. Home is the most wonderful place to be, isn't it?
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  11. Your doggies look so cosy and warm snuggled up in thier bed.I know where that phone box is Iv seen it brill idea.Love your heart.Love Jill xx

  12. Ooooo love your cute dogs in their basket :)
    What a great idea to make use of the phone box.
    And your home heart will look wonderful hung on the wall.
    Abby xx

  13. You made me laugh reading your post about the letters! I love the little village...I always dream that there really still are places that look like that in England. Sigh....would love to visit. Thanks for sharing.
    Love, Linda

  14. I wish there was a telephone box book exhcange mear me, I have a huge load of books i could donate and just visiting there to swap my books would be amazing. Hmmm, maybe i could start a book exchange somewhere near where i live? Now there's a thought. Em xx

  15. I thought that was one dog with two heads for a minute :O lol

    Love the book exchange phone box what a brilliant idea!!

    Thanks for following me xx

  16. Hello!

    Your both dogs are very cute. We have one dog, it`s an Airedale. The idea with the red phone box is very funny (i like the british red phone boxes - they are so beautiful).

    Your sincerely Nicole

    P.S. have a nice weekend

  17. Your dogs are adorable! And isn't it great when you find stuff like that phone box and village on a drive :)

    Have a nice weekend! //Niina

  18. We have two cats that curl up together like that and we call them the two-headed monster. Such a cute picture! I love your idea for your home letters. For me home is the center of everything and what matters most.

  19. Your dogs are adorable!!!! Have a great new week....hugs.

  20. Aw, the little dogs look so cute together!

  21. The heart is a great idea to attach the letters to! How cute those little dogs look squashed into the same bed together, so adorable!
    Have a happy week. Helen x

  22. awwww your dogs are so adorable!!! look at them all snuggled and warm! it's a great idea to put the HOME in the wooden heart, keep us posted on the outcome, Bee! and i love the red telephone box and what a surprise that they're using them for book exchange!! great photos Bee, the moon is perfectly captured!

    xx susan


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