Thursday 6 October 2011

Bee happy .... get some help and something a little different

I made these canvas pictures for the front bedroom out of wall paper samples but I'm not sure I like them now they are finished.

I have this red and white toile wallpaper which I think I may use to cover both canvas with instead.

The room is white with white floorboards and touches of red with a little pine furniture as well.

What do you think I should do?

Leave them or cover them? .....

Also I have some carpet samples for the stairs and landing and the master bedroom.

The stripes are for the steps on the stairs and then I can't decide which cream carpet to use for the landing and half landing.

Which ever cream carpet I use on the landing it will be carried into the bedroom.

Which cream carpet do you think to go with the stripe carpet, top or bottom picture?

And finally, something a little different.

I was out on the garden last night before bed with the little dogs.

They had seen something in the grass but by the time I had reached them whatever they were looking at had disappeared.

Tash had something hanging from her mouth, I thought it was grass after they were looking in the grass but suddenly realised what was hanging out of her mouth was a tail.

Turns out she swallowed a field mouse whole.

I know this because a few seconds later she spat it back out!!

We managed to get it from her and it was still alive so we carefully put it in the field at the back of the garden.

To top this, this morning on the garden Coco decided to help the sparrows by finishing off their lard ball which had blown off the bird table in the these strong winds we are having :)

What should I do with them!!??

I've made sure I've picked up the carpet samples so they don't puke on them!!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!


  1. I love the idea of patchwork, and when I've seen it done on walls in magazines and sofas covered in patchwork fabric they always look lovely. I thought I would patchwork one wall in our downstairs loo and began to collect lots of lovely wallpaper samples just for this purpose but when I tried to put them all together in a cohesive pattern it looked hideous! I ended up painting the wall red! I'm not suggesting yours are hideous by any means but the toile does look lovely - what a great idea.

  2. Oh my! I do not think I would like a field mouse being brought back from a stomach :( Frodo found a snake in the yard but he did not attempt to eat it. Thank goodness!

  3. I like the canvas' as they are but you could always make some more and chop and change as the mood takes.

    I like the top colour carpet best.

  4. oh dear! so glad tash managed to spit out the field mouse! i guess both of your cuties are giving you a scare :) as for the lovely canvas pics, if it was me, i'd leave it but then again the white toile wallpaper is lovely too! i love the carpets choices...umm which one to go in the landing? umm....maybe the bottom one? hehe

    x susan

  5. I'd definetly use the toile on the canvasses and I'd go for the top carpet it sort of matches better me thinks!! Just think if the doggie hadn't spat out the mousey and it wriggled and jiggled in her tummy....doesn't bear thinking about does it!! Lucey x

  6. Oh my step son make quite a number of these for his house - it's very innovative and each piece of art is original even though you are using wallpaper

    Really pretty

  7. Personally I think you should do the canvas again and cover with the toile wallpaper, as for carpet I prefer the bottom colour but the top colour goes better with the stripes! xxx

  8. I like the patchwork colors, but I think that the toile is very lovely and will be more classically suitable in the long run for what you've described.

    Enjoy the day,

  9. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! As I read your story about Tash, all I could think of was what was on that poor field mouse's mind as he was half way between 'gone forever' and 'being scraped by doggie teeth' on the way back out?!! ^_^ "Oh No.....hold still....hold still!" YIKES!!! And the fact that he survived that whole ordeal is amazing to me! Apparently Tash was just 'toying' with him...*shaking my head* :-))

  10. I love the patchwork canvases, but the red toile is beautiful too! Shame you can't have both!! I like the top cream carpet. x

  11. the red and white paper looks adorable!! do take pics of your final result I would loveee to see :D

  12. I think the toile would look great with the white and I like the top carpet with the stripes which I love.

  13. I think the top carpet and the Toile, the patchwork is lovely and my colours but I think the Toile is timeless and sounds like the colour would go better..poor little mouse but I was thinking your poor pooch must have gotten a shock at something wiggling in its mouth lol.

  14. I love the colours you used on your patchwork wall canvas. They would love great with some ribbon/lace running along the lines too.

  15. You are just so busy and boy have you gotten so much done! Hurrah for you.

  16. Dogs sure get into things! Tash no more field biscuits are far better/tastier to eat :P I dread to think what my dog Basil gets into half the time, or attempts to roll's a glamorous life!
    I think the top carpet goes quite well with the stripes for the stairs :)

  17. I love the stripey carpet that you've chosen. The top carpet goes best imo. Looking forward to the big reveal!

  18. I think as you've already put the effort into making the patchwork cavasses, you should use them, and then when you feel like a change cover them in the toile.

    Definitely the top carpet.

  19. The patchwork canvasses are very you - although I think they are pretty they are too Cath K for me so I would personally go for the Toile, but I'm sure either will look good.

    There's never a dull moment with pets or children around!


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