Monday 5 December 2011

Bee happy ..... birthday treats and giveaway

Despite being ill over my birthday I had a much better time than last year after being snowed in :)

My birthday cake had a snowy theme though!

Mr Happy totally spoilt me again with gifts and treats.

I had a gorgeous heart gift from Susan at Tea Diary, I think she knows me better than my own family!!

Thanks so much Susan you are so wonderful, check out her sweet blog here

My advent swap partner is Tinkle Star and she had sent me an extra gift for me for my birthday, thanks so much Twinkle Star, I love it, a bee for holding my bag onto the table when I am out and about :)

Check out Twinkle Star's wonderful crafty blog here, she has some great tutorials for crafting and it is a must to see :)

Mr Happy took me to Caythorpe in Lincolnshire to visit Decorative Country Living on my birthday.

This shop is well worth a visit if you are nearby, a treasure trove of wonderfulness!!

Even the entrance is so beautiful.

A few pics of the inside, more to follow.

A few shots taken inside, I just loved these blue shutters but they were already sold :(

Remember to enter my birthday giveaway, you have until Friday this week :)

Good luck everyone.

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!


  1. Happy birthday Mrs Bee, glad you had such a lovely day, wishing you many more to come x

  2. Glad you had a lovely day - that shop looks gorgeous xx

  3. Happy birthday, you. Hope you're feeling better. xx

  4. Happy Birthday :) Such lovely presents!

  5. haapy post :-))thank you!!

  6. Love the heart gift, really sweet. Also I know Caythorpe (I live in Lincs) but never heard of this shop, amazing place! xx

  7. Awww you deserve being spoilt on your Birthday! what a beautiful and adorable shop! i love the entrance look and the inside is just totally cottage-ey and i love it! what an interesting gift you got from twinkle star! i gotta get one of those for my bag :) glad you like the gift i sent you! i saw it and i thought it's so you! keep us posted for more pics and birthday treats!!

    xx susan

  8. Happy, happy birthday...and many, many more!!! I'm sorry you were a bit under the weather, but I'm very glad you had a nice birthday with such wonderful gifts. Beautiful gifts from your blogger friends...

    Best wishes,

  9. I'm so glad you had a lovely birthday and were deservedly spoilt! I love that heart is is stunning and such a pretty place you visited! Glad you liked your Bee handbag holder too x

  10. Happy Birthday to you. Looks like we share the same birth sign as my birthday was on the 2nd of this month. Looks like you had a lovely day......xx

  11. Love that entrance! Glad you got some nice treats and had a good day!

  12. sounds like you had a lovely day, and that heart is beautiful x

  13. Happy Birthday! Such lovely presents and that shop looks gorgeous.


  14. Happy Birthday to you,glad you had a nice day even tho you where not very well,hope your soon better.Please count me for your lovely give away.Thanking you Love Jill xxx

  15. Awe Happy Birthday! Looks like you got some lovely gifts and had a lovely day! x

  16. I get regular emails from Amanda at decorative country living she does source the most amazing goods, Lucey

  17. It sounds like your birthday was very similar to mine: not feeling 100% but still enjoyed being spoiled by a husband who took you along to a favorite antique shop. I'm glad that your birthday turned out to be a wonderful day!


  18. Happy birthday glad to hear you had a lovely time. Im so sorry to hear you were poorly and hope it wasn't the crohn's flaring up. Love your gifts that little bee is beautiful. Enjoy your week, dee xx

  19. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a nice day (despite having a pesky cold). Such sweet pressies and that cake looks far too good! There looks like some lovely things in that antiques/decorating shop. I agree with you, those blue shutters are stunning :)

  20. I do love your Tinkle Star gift! They are very handy to hang your purse on. One was gifted to me by a wonderful friend many years ago. I still keep it in my purse and use it often.
    Susan is such a sweet person. Her gift is adorable. She's so thoughtful.
    Mr Happy is very wonderful, isn't he! I am glad that you had a great time for your birthday.
    I love all of the blue at the country living place!!
    Happy day!!

  21. ohh those blue shutters are so pretty! sigh thats too bad they're already sold!

  22. and p.s happy birthday hun <3

  23. Glad you had a lovely time on your birthday and what fabulous treats! Scarlett x


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