Tuesday 20 December 2011

Bee happy ..... love linen

I am loving linen, even though it is Winter.

My new cushion covers in lovely linen.

My advent swap gifts from the lovely Twinkle Star.

Soft and warm gloves and socks.

Cute Christmas tin with tea and gingerbread men.

Doggy treats, dog scrap booking set and 2 gorgeous little china dogs.

To keep me organised, note paper, diary and pen.
Thanks Twinkle Star, I love them all :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!


  1. oh wow, love all those cushion covers, Bee! did you buy them or made them? i love the cute little bird on it too! you always have the cutest cushion covers especially with CK fabric that i saw on your other post! lovely advent swap gifts, i'm too late to take part in, perhaps next year, would be soo fun! Thank you for the xmas wishes and I too would like to say Happy Christmas and enjoy your Holiday! XX SUSAN

  2. I love the linen too...especially the one with the cute birdie. :-)

  3. I love your linen cushions and the decorative lettering...and such lovely treats in your advent swap!
    Hope you are enjoying the build up to Christmas,
    Susan x

  4. Very delightful cushions. They look nice and big! I love the little birdie. Great swap gifts. I like the china dogs. So cute!!
    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas,

  5. I too love your cushions, they are so pretty - I really love the Crown one and the one with the bird and keys!

    You're so welcome - I am really glad you are enjoying your gifts, I absolutely love my fabric heart today - the print is so beautiful, thank you! xx

  6. Love the cushion covers - very nice. Great gifts too!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. I am ALSO loving your linen cushion covers too! SO pretty!

  8. ooh those coushin covers are really cool! very unique :D

  9. Much prettiness I see here. Happy day xoxoxo

  10. hello! found you from Etsy and love your blog! those cushion covers are lovely! I love taking part in swaps :)

  11. Welcome to my blog.
    I love sharing my all day things with you, and hope you will enjoy.
    My husband get's crazy of all my cushions.
    But you can not have to much of them.
    Love Annette

  12. Nice cushions really like the little bird one ;-) Lovely swaps to enjoy your lovely things. Have a wonderful christmas and new year and take lots of care, dee xx

  13. I so wish I had been able to do an advent swap - completely missed them! :( x

  14. are they H and m cushions??

    love them xx

  15. I also heart linen!
    I'm hosting a giveaway and thought you might be interested ;)

  16. So much joy...your pillows are lovely! xoxoxo A Happy Blessed Christmas to you dear one.

  17. Love the cushions, especially the one with the cute chick-e-dee on it :) The swap looks like fun..the little china dogs are sure cute.
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  18. What a beautiful atmosphere you created!
    My best Christmas wishes to you,


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