Tuesday 16 October 2012

Bee happy .... collect points

Did you know you can now collect Nectar points when you shop on line at eBay?
There is also an offer on at the moment, triple points until 28th October.
So when you are shopping on eBay and paying with Pay pal you will collect points.
Which means my shop and any other shop will earn you points when you buy something.

Don't forget to enter my book giveaway here.
You will also get a handmade book mark if you win.
It closes on Saturday 20th October, good luck everyone.
Bee happy x


  1. Always use the nectar site on my way to ebay, Amazon too :) Sweet bookmark, off to enter your giveaway :) x

  2. I've just seen this advertised on the TV which is typical as I'm now off to Italy until the end of the month.

  3. I was really delighted to know that now i can collect nectar points by shopping on ebay, isnt it marvelous! oh by the way I would like to thank you for sending me the pretty card with the bookmark and little note that i can put in the book! you're so sweet! really appreciate it so much!

    x susan


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