Monday 28 October 2013

Bee happy ...... every day

I have been busy making this Bee happy every day plaque using some of my pretty supplies.

What do you think?
I was wondering maybe about using the image for a postcard to send out with orders from, any thoughts?
Bee happy x


  1. That's lovely and I think it would make a great postcard- sending a nice sentiment out to people and I'm sure they would put it on display so a great way for people to remember you for their next order.

  2. I whole-heartedly agree, Deb...very LOVELY, and would make a terrific it.

    Be well, my dear, and of course, HAPPY!

    Marianne xo

  3. Its beautiful, I think it would make a really nice postcard xx

  4. You have such wonderful ideas....lovely x


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