Wednesday 28 September 2016

Bee happy ..... go sale shopping!

I wanted to share my recent purchase with you all.

I just LOVE stationery and adore Paperchase.

I noticed these cute pink leather pouches, great for using as a pencil case. 

They were reduced from £30 to £21 but when I checked at the till the one in my hand went through at £3! 

So I immediately picked up the last remaining one, so 2 for £6 what a BARGAIN!

What's your most recent best buy?

Bee happy x


  1. I have pen pals so use a lot of paper and pens, these were a great bargin, well done!! xx

  2. You are going so gracefully and being a designer you just did a good job. I also a designer with and I never found this type of work that you did with this picture. I am so impressed with your experience.


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