Wednesday 10 August 2011

Bee happy ..... cheer up a basket

Such a sad little basket on my bathroom windowsill  :(

I decided to cheer it up and make it a pretty cover for the inside.

I measured and cut out the panels then stitched each section to the base of the cover.

Once all of the sides were stitched together I hemmed the top and sat it in the basket, folding down the sides so you can see the pretty fabric.

How much happier is the basket now? :)

I had another sad basket as well in the bathroom so I made another cover for this one.

I have ordered a carpet for this bathroom which is being fitted on Friday this week so I am making a few changes now.

We have plain grey blinds at the moment with the blue spotty things and now the blue flower fabric scattered around the room.

I have ordered this blue spot blackout blind from Dunelm Mills last night for this bathroom so my new basket liners, the wash bag and cupboard top will all look great together.

I had my charity swap parcel yesterday from Helen at Moonstruck Creations.  Such a lovely package, flowery peg bag, bracelet, heart, 2 ickle bees and some gorgeous chocs :)

Thanks Helen, love it all :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!


  1. I love the blue with the dots. That's gonna be such a cute bathroom!

  2. Your baskets looks much happier and cuter now!

    E :)

  3. Wow!!You did a great job with the baskets!!They look really bright and cheerful now!!

  4. All so pretty!

    You will have to let me know whether the blind is any good. Have admired them in Dunelm, but have never been very successful with blinds from there - the winder part always breaks quite quickly!


  5. You are so creative with your household items, and the basket is tons better. Such a lovely swap to, im loving the bees!! xx

  6. Hello, just found your blog. I like what you,ve done with your baskets, they look fab!!

  7. Lovely make over - you bathroom is going to be beautiful! Scarlett x

  8. The bathroom is coming along and I love the baskets, clever you!

  9. Such cute baskets- what a great idea!
    Lovely swap goodies, too.

  10. pretty baskets!! love the fabric u used and i also love the blue spotted blind u got, it matches the cupboard where the basket is, what an adorable swap gifts you recieved! this gives me ideas to pimp out my sad bathroom :)

    x susan

  11. The baskets look lovely now they have had their little makeover. I love polka dots and pale blue together, I am sure your bathroom will look a treat when it's all complete. bee x

  12. what a great idea for your baskets.they look fab.
    love the blind your'e getting aswell they spots will look lovely with the floral bits to..
    oo take piccies when its all done!!


  13. The baskets look amazing- so bright and sunny!

  14. Just lovely,aren't swaps such fun.

  15. Great swap parcel, love the bee's. The baskets are looking much prettier xxx

  16. oooh I'm all envy ;-) I love those colours in a bathroom and the baskets are fabulous, what a great parcel to recieve in the post too! xxx (Dex and Lou's Mom as my other self!)

  17. I LOVE everything you do and that basket is one of the prettiest things I have seen lately.....I love it!

  18. How love love the little bees!

  19. Oooh they look gorgeous - love it. I love that fabric too - I got it from Dunelm Mill but I just take it out and look at it and haven't used it yet :O) Can I ask how you changed the font on your site - it's so cute? Michelle ... your newest follower :O)

  20. Bee, the baskets look so much warmer and prettier - what a grand idea! I'm always so inspired by my blog friends. The fabric is my cup of tea.


  21. Love your basket covers! Really cheered them up. So cute!


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