Wednesday 24 August 2011

Bee happy ....... roll up, roll up!

The blue spotty blinds I had on order for the en suite came last week from Dunelm because the smaller one was out of stock.

We put up these plain grey blinds when we moved in as they matched the bathroom with light grey tiles, but after having the new grey carpet down I decided to add a little more colour with these sweet blue blinds.

The most nerve wracking bit of putting up blinds is cutting off excess material.

Mr Happy always leaves this bit up to me as I have a steadier hand!! and a sharp pair of scissors :)

Small window with new blind up.

Big window with new blind up.

As you can see the new carpet matches the dark grey and light grey tiles.

The blue gives the bathroom a bit of colour and fun :)

Always found roller blinds from Dunelm to work really well and never had a problem with them.

I have painted the ceiling twice in my office today and decided to paint my dark brown pine desk white while it was in the garage :)  Just need to look in the garage at my handle stash to see if some are appropriate for the drawers as it is having a make over :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!


  1. Love that blind makes the space much more fun in a subtle way! I hate painting it bores me to tears but I love the result when it's finished!

    E :)

  2. Love those blinds! Our bathroom one is looking a tad tired on your recommendation,it's off to Dunelm!
    look forward to seeing the desk makover. :0)

  3. Th blind looks adorable! Especially as it also picks out the washbag and the top of the little cupboard too - polka dots are so lovely, they add fun without being too bonkers! Your bathroom is looking very inviting!

    Jem xXx

  4. It's looking very lovely xxx

  5. Pretty! Hope you you're on commission to Dunhelm as I'm just off to check them out too ... need to replace grubby kitchen blind and one in little man's room too! M x

  6. Looking good, nice shade of blue to xx

  7. Those look fabulous, they really bring the bathroom to life! I wish they did them in pink, then I'd put one up at my bathroom window x

  8. gosh you have been busy...a busy Bee!

  9. busy day by the sounds of it! the blinds look lovely bee x

  10. Loving the new blinds... and from Dunelm too? Will have to look into it as my kitchen needs a blind - currently there is nothing there which won't be too good as the nights get darker! Thanks for the tip! x

  11. You really have been the blue shade, looks nice. Hugs!

  12. Hello Bee...delightful shades. The blue certainly brightens and cheers. The rooms are shaping up and it seems everyone will bee happy.

    Enjoy your good work,

  13. oh you've been busy! i absolutley love the spotted blue blinds you made, so adorable! and loving how your bathroom look, the light grey tiles are perfect in bathroom! cant wait to see what else you're doing fabolously! x susan

  14. Oh what fun...I love these...dotted blinds..I now want some too. Hugs.

  15. You are a busy bee...looks great. Love the blinds...I've never seen any like that! Don't work too hard!
    Lady Linda

  16. Isn't it just great when everything is back in place and we can stand back and think yeah...I am really pleased with the new look......Great job...ciao Alison


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