Tuesday 23 August 2011

Bee happy ...... finish painting a room and start another!!

Remember Mr Happy's office when it looked like this just last week?

Well now it's all painted and finished :) at last!

The floor boards turned out really well and I am extra pleased as this is what I am doing in my office :)

I put all the furniture and bits back yesterday afternoon so now Mr Happy is really happy because he is now back in his office and not on the landing ;)

Do you like the little dog cushion I made on the chair?

We just have to put the pictures back on the walls.

After I finished Mr Happy's office yesterday I started stripping my office of all the furniture and bits and bobs as this is my next painting project this week.

You don't realise how much stuff you have until you have to move it!! lol

Now it's empty I can prepare the walls, sanding and cleaning them ready for painting, which is my job today.

Couldn't resist showing you my lovely heart bucket which I have had for years, a purchase from Cox and Cox I think.

I wonder which colour I will pick for my office walls,





or white?

Hope to show you the bathroom blind photos soon as they are now up and looking great :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!


  1. You are a whirlwind! Mr Happy's office looks lovely and yes, I do very much like your dog cushion - how about a closeup?

    Good luck with your painting - have a lovely hot bath tonight! Like all the colorus but my money's on white! xxx

  2. YAY! it looks great, Bee! i love the new white floor and the fresh look of Mr Happy's office! wow u did a great job on painting and sanding ...i wish i had more rooms to have my own office! what a cute dog cushion and heart shape bucket u got! and i spy lots of cute and lovely fabrics and stuff there! hmm u got lovely choices of colors there , hard to choose but maybe blue? hehe show us when u finish with ur office! x susan

  3. Looking good, vey good. i see a wonderful creative space about to burst forth. xx

  4. Loving the white floorboards, they always remind me of a seaside home, and the heart bucket, how could anyone resist that? :) x

  5. LOVE the white floorboards and the creative area too......well done for a job VERY well done!

  6. It's a beautiful room and the heart bucket....lovely!!!!!!
    Annamaria from Italy

  7. MrHappy's office looks very smart :) I remember when we painted MrVV's last year - amazing how much stuff he has in there! I don't have an office :( - my pooter is under the stairs and my sewing space is 1/3 of our spare bedroom!

  8. It's looking good! Can't wait to see this room now! :-)

  9. Oh you busy bee you....you really are a go getter. I like Mr.Happy's office, cant wait to see your's.
    You make me smile. Have a blessed day.

  10. I love the white room. Floor boards and all!!

  11. Mr Happy's office looks fab and I can't wait to see your finished room too. bee x


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