Tuesday 24 July 2012

Bee happy .... get digging

Mr Happy has been digging in the garden and he brought back in with him some of our home grown potatoes.

They were given to us earlier in the year from our lovely cousin when we were visiting them.

They have been tested and they are gorgeous :)

I also had a lovely surprise the other evening. We had popped out for half an hour and when we returned someone had left a big bunch of hydrangeas on the doorstep.

They were from a friend who had left them for me.

I had looked after her little dog Alfie while they were out and in return she gave me these.

 I love these flowers, they are my favourite along with roses.

Bee happy x


  1. Those hydrangeas are simply beautiful, the pastel shades are just so happy-making! :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. So good to have your own potatoes. Ours rotted :(
    Beautiful flowers. M x

  3. Ooh what beautiful hydrangeas! Such gorgeous shades of pink and lilac!
    Victoria xx

  4. It's so wonderful to have gifts from friends! It reminds you of them every time you look at them and how kind they were. :)
    Jess x

  5. Beautiful Hydrangeas. Nothing like freshly dug potatoes
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  6. What beautiful flowers xx
    There's nothing like the taste of home grown pots!!

  7. I am now digging up potatoes and they are looking good. Love those Hydrangeas! What beautiful colours....xx

  8. I love hydrangeas !
    I have just left feedback on Amazon (I think so anyway- not done that before!
    Sue x

  9. Ooo I wish I had space to plant potatoes! So much nicer when they are homegrown! The flowers are stunning - what a lovely treat to come back to! xx

  10. You can't beat freshly dug new potatoes ... And your hydrangeas are gorgeous too! Xxx

  11. aww thats so sweet of your friend, I love getting flowers. so did your potatoes taste yummie?!

  12. What gorgeous flowers. Nothing beats home grown potatoes x

  13. Deb, wonderful potatoes! My neighbor gave me potatoes from her garden and I made yummy potato salad.

    Oh, the hydrangeas are GORGEOUS!! The color are most soothing! I love them.

    Blessings for a wonderful day,
    Marianne xox

  14. They are beautiful flowers arent they?

  15. I love Hydrangeas too. Yours are so pretty!!

  16. The color combination is so soft and pretty. Love them.

  17. What a lovely gift...those hydrangeas are so beautiful, and such a sweet mix of shades too. The new potatoes fresh from your garden must have been sooo delicious!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Helen x

  18. You have so much to BEE happy for...love hydrangeas my bushes are blooming like crazy..they are just baby bushes so I hate to pick them.... Yum to the potatoes. xoxo Happy weekend.

  19. The potatoes are as lovely as the flowers!!!!
    These things makes you happy!

  20. We are eating lots of potatoes at the moment in any which way we can and I adore hydrangeas - what a fabulous gift.

    Nina x

  21. I just bought potatoes at the store today - I would have liked your home grown ones instead. They look great. What a nice bunch of flowers from your friend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  22. I love big hydrangeas!! And the colors are so beautiful. I bet you enjoyed them everyday. Such a sweet friend to be thankful for what you did for them. Some people tend to move on too quickly when they return and forget the good deed that was done. Even though you might not expect anything in return, it's nice when a friendly gesture is noted.
    Those potatoes look yummy!

  23. Wow, your potatoes look fantastic! I would love to grow my own veggies. Your hydrangeas looks beautiful too; they are also my favourites ;) xx

  24. What a nice surprise to come home to indeed :)


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