Friday 20 July 2012

Bee happy .... new sheet day

Today was new sheet day for me.

Helpers are always needed.

Do you have a helper who likes to sit on the wash pile?

I bought this fitted sheet from Primark today for £6.00.

Such a bargain and it goes with my other bedding.

I love my ruffle bedlinen.

And to finish off new sheet day, a spritz of lavender :)

Hope everyone has a happy weekend.

Bee happy x


  1. £6! What a bargain plus it looks lovely on your bed! Ooh your little helpers are sooooo cute tho!
    Victoria xx

  2. Love your new sheet! Don't you just love new crisp sheets? I do!
    I don't have any helpers at home...sigh.

  3. Lovely colours and your little helpers are soooo cute x

  4. Snap! I bought a white with pink spots one for my spare bed from there yesterday.It came with a matching pillowcase too! Your bedding is so pretty.Nothing nicer than curling up in clean sheets.
    Love your little helpers,Bella would be more of a hindrance than a help! :0)

  5. love your sweet girlie bedroom- I'm not a very girly girl when it comes to furnishings so my bedroom has darker colours but I still use the lavender spray, you can't beat it!
    I've promised myself all new bedlinen when we...sorry HE..decorates, but Mark is a builder/decorator and so backed-up with outside work that I can see the bedroom being left for another year...
    Have a lovely w.e I think the weather promises to have a tad of summerness about it

  6. What an absolute bargain for a fitted sheet! Will have to take a peek in the home section next time I hit Primark :-) Nothing like clean sheets to put a smile on your face is there? Delicious!

    Jem xXx

  7. Your dogs are so adorable. I'm sure if given the chance they would love to try out those new sheets.......xx

  8. Oh I love getting into a clean bed.Thats a bargain your pretty sheet looks lovely with your other pretty bedding, and the lavender I love it always on my pillows.Have a lovely weekend love Jill xx

  9. Lovely! The lavender added the finishing smells so good! This is such a feminine look! Thanks for sharing!

  10. What a bargain your bedding looks just wonderful.
    Lavender yes I use that always in my bedroom it's just wonderful.Hugs.

  11. What a bargain and very pretty
    I love lavender too!
    Julie xxxxxx

  12. your helpers are sooo cute!! love the ruffles too!

  13. Its gorgeous, can you believe what beautiful things they have in primark these days?

  14. A Primark trip needs to be arranged me thinks!!

  15. Oh, so comfy-cozy slipping into new fresh bed linens - and yours are so pretty...Mmmmm....Nitey-nite!

    Blessings for sweet dreams, Deb dear,
    Marianne xox

  16. Pretty bedroom :) Your doggies made me smile- they do love to "help" don't they! (I'm also a little envious that you have two, I'd dearly love a friend for Alfie, but the timing isn't good right now!)

  17. I have a child who likes to get into the washing basket, does that count? Lovely bedding, I have just treated myself to some new stuff too.


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