Tuesday 31 July 2012

Bee happy .... get some peas

This may seem a strange post but stay with me!

On my weekly shopping trip to Tesco I came across these peas, I wanted mushy peas, and I wanted these! they are only 4p a tin!

That's right 4p a tin.......

I was going to stock up while I was there but there were only 3 tins left on the shelf.

Couldn't believe it, they will go great with my fish and chips :)

I usually buy home brand baked beans as I think they taste just the same as branded so I think I will be OK with these.

Hope your week is going great.

Bee happy x


  1. Looove mushy peas! And don't forget you can re-use the tins - just paint them, add some fabric strips and voila! Or punch some holes in them to make tea-light holders.... ooh sorry I'm off on a tangent lol!

    Hope you are having a great week hun!

    Estelle xx

  2. I have to say I've never tried mushy peas, and was put off trying by the Goodies mocking them in the 70s! But at 4p a tin, why wait any longer? I could serve them up with dinner one day and wait to see what happens! Good find! xxx

  3. I've never had mushy peas. I used to like the marrowfat ones in a tin and they were quite mushy once they'd been heated! 4p is very cheap isn't it?!
    Jess x

  4. Thats amazing value.We have a tesco near us I will have to have a look for them.I always worry if something is that cheap they probably arent too good, but with someone to recommend them thats different.

  5. Nothing wrong with own brand label foodstuff. You usually find that it's made by the same big brand people. They just stick a different label and charge a different price. If you like the taste then why worry :)

  6. Unbelievable value. Do you think they would be any good for making soup with ...? M x

  7. That's some value, Deb! Never heard of mushy peas before now...learn something new everyday...col...

    Marianne xo

  8. Crikey! 4p a tin for a supermarket branded peas. We has so much fun food shopping as it is considerably cheaper that food in Australia. I bought a can of mushy peas the other day and I think they were over $2.50. T x

  9. I didn't know you could buy these in a can! Have never seen them in the states. My oldest daughter loves mussy peas. We used to get them at a little pub but they don't serve them any more...sigh.

  10. I love mushy peas. I am going to Tesco. I love a bargain. I love chips!


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