Thursday 9 May 2013

Bee happy ..... back from a road trip

Mr Happy and I have just returned from another European road trip.
We went to Switzerland and France.
Switzerland, Interlarken area

Cable car to Murren

Murren cable car

The only way up to Harder Kulm, Interlarken without walking

View from top of Harder Kulm viewing platform

Harder Kulm view

Harder Kulm view

The water was so blue down in the valley

View from hotel room in Wilderswil

Driving through French Alps villages

View from road of Chantilly, France approaching the chateau

Chantilly chateau, location from James Bond View to a Kill

Chateau courtyard

Chateau and gardens

Chantilly horse arena

Horse arena

Race course at the side of the horse arena from film View to a Kill

Chantilly town street view

We had a great time and had some dry and sunny weather, in Chantilly the temperature was 24 degrees. The chateau was just gorgeous and we more or less had the gardens to ourselves most of the time. In Switzerland there was still snow laying around but is wasn't too cold.

Are you planning a holiday or road trip?

Bee happy x


  1. I have never been to Europe....SOMEDAY!!!

  2. Loved the pictures of Chantilly! We're off to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming soon.

  3. Deb, what an exciting trip! Your photos are beautiful, and I appreciate you sharing them. I love the view of the valley...all that lovely water and mountains. I bet you got lots of creative ideas.

    Marianne xo


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