Sunday 5 May 2013

Bee happy ..... spot the difference

I have been taking some stock photos for Bee happy while the sun has been shining.
I have been considering buying a new camera so my lovely neighbour let me borrow hers which is similar to the one I am looking at to try it out.
I wonder if you can spot the difference?
Camera A
Camera B

Take a look at the photos, which one is taken by my old camera or my neighbours? and which photo do you prefer?
Bee happy x


  1. Personally speaking - the top one has more colour (almost not natural), the bottom one I prefer as it has a slightly faded look (almost vintage), so the one at the bottom is my favourite. x

  2. I prefer the bottom picture. Were they taken with same setting and at same position? I suspect the bottom is the new camera?
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. I'm torn...I love the vibrancy of photo A, but I love the soft mood and closer view of camera B. So I guess it just depends on what mood you're trying to set. Both have their place. :-]

  4. they are both good, but I prefer the 2nd one! Happy weekend to you❤

  5. I like A for the "look" but think B is probably the better photos to sell items from. . .B happy!!

  6. The bottom one is much clearer for me,this camera must zoom in a little closer,the colour is not as bright but it is lovely.

  7. I too prefer the bottom pic, I like seeing more close-up images!

    Hope you are well, Estelle xx

  8. the bottom one must be zoomed in, which makes me think it is the better camera, I like the top one for the colours but like other people have said, the bottom one has a vintagey feel. I really think that its all about knowing how to use your camera and edit photos these days, its no good having a great camera if you just have it on Auto all the time. And likewise, you can get a relatively cheap camera and get some fab photos with the right settings and some editing...!

  9. I agree, the bottom one is a better picture but that could just be because it is more close-up!Either way I'd happily sit there!!

  10. Well, the top photo does have more color, but is rather on the dark side. And the bottom photo is much more brighter and has a cheeriness about it. But as far as angles go, the top photo shows off the composition of all your lawn goodies better. All in all, though, I like the bottom one because of the lighter cheery look.

    Blessings for a cheery day,
    Marianne xo

  11. I like both - top for vibrant colours and bottom for relaxed feel for the eyes. As someone has already said the bottom one for selling/promoting I think xx


Thank you for your comments, I love to read them all!