Tuesday 7 May 2013

Bee happy ..... meet the new neighbours

We had some new neighbours move in at the weekend.
They are so cute!
Sheep and lambs are now in the field behind our house.

I love listening to them when we are in the garden and will look forwards to watching the little cute lambs play together.
Hope they stay a while :)
Bee happy x


  1. Oh wow, I wish we had neighbours like that!
    Ours are definately not so cute as yours...;-)

  2. Just beautiful, what a fab view xxxx

  3. so lovely, they look like my frank... xx

  4. The best kind of neighbors!!

  5. Your neighbors sure have lush green grass. What a lovely view!
    Loretta XX

  6. Are they are lovely! We've got sheep in the field behind our house and I have to admit I do get attached to some of them. My Humphrey doggy loves number 13...they touch noses every morning. I'm worried what is going to happen when his number 13 is no longer there! How do you explain that to a dog? xxx

  7. Cute little neighbors, Deb. I can imagine how adorable they are romping and playing and 'bah-ing" all through the fields. Makes me smile to think of it.



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