Monday 24 June 2013

Bee happy ...... 2nd anniversary

It is my nephew and his wife's second wedding anniversary tomorrow so I made them this card.
I made it from wood, which I painted white and then distressed.
I used a printed image on fabric from their wedding and then embellished the fabric and wood with buttons, beads and ribbon.
I stamped a couple of bird prints on as they released doves on their wedding day.
Sam also loves stars so I couldn't resist adding a couple on the tag.
Happy Anniversary Dean and Sam!
Bee happy x



  1. That is so beautiful and fitting! What a fabulous idea to make it from wood:)

  2. That is wonderful! ♥ Happy Anniversary ♥ to them. x

  3. Gorgeous, such a lovely gift.

  4. Oh they will be so thrilled to get your card. Great and thoughtful idea. You are the best!
    Have a good week.

  5. What a lovely idea and a beautiful keepsake.

  6. Hi I just found your lovely Blog, what a lovely idea I bet they loved the card you made for them.

  7. Deb, that is a lovely card, and I agree with dosierosie, a beautiful keepsake. I love how you painted the wood - great idea - and how you decorated it with little bits of momentos, especially the fabric print of their wedding. I'm impressed with this idea. They are going to LOVE it and YOU!

    Blessings my dear one,
    Marianne xo

  8. What a fab idea - you're so clever xxx

  9. beautiful very creative! xxx


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