Thursday 13 June 2013

Bee happy ...... buy Jan Constantine

I found myself in TK Maxx this week and this blue and white star Jan Constantine
cushion jumped out at me.
Couldn't help but take it in my arms and run!

My collection is of Jan Constantine cushions is growing nicely.

These 2 blue ones were also from TK Maxx a couple of years ago.

The union jack JC cushion came with a magazine subscription several years ago.

What are you collecting?
Bee happy x


  1. Lovely- you can spot some good stuff in TKMaxx from time to time. I wouldn't say I'm actively collecting anything at the moment, tho' I have accrued a few collections over the years- traditional teddy bears, antique sewing accessories, Doc Marten boots and of course fabric!:)

  2. Hello, Bee, my sweet,

    I do so like your pillow collection. And the combo display of the union jack with your new star pillow is quite pleasing.

    I hope you enjoy a very delightful day.

    Big hug,
    Marianne xOx

  3. I love JC cushions and also got a lovely one at a bargain price at TK Maxx too.

  4. Beautiful cushions, I've never seen them in tk maxx, but i do have to resist going in there too much!!!

  5. Books and shoes. I must stop.

  6. Hi, Miss Bee:
    I love your pillow collection! They actually are very cheery and add great ambiance to each room. Good taste!

    I collect dolls. I have a Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and a few others. Some day I would like to post them, but right now they are all packed away in boxes still. Some day....some day...

    All my best,
    Down Memory La La Lane

  7. Lovely cushions! I collect lots of pretties along with a few thousand dust bunnies. Lol


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