Monday 17 June 2013

Bee happy ...... car boot finds

I went to a car boot yesterday with my lovely neighbour and wanted to share my purchases.
I haven't been to a car boot in ages so had a good rummage around the stalls.
I bought a stack of old books.
An old coronation tin.

A set of 6 teaspoons from Sandringham, each with a different motif on top, still in their own presentation box.

A flag on a pole.

Any tips on cleaning up the flag?
I love my purchases, just need to clean everything up now :)
Bee happy x


  1. No tips on cleaning up a flag-but well done you on getting such beautiful finds!

  2. Lovely finds, especially the flag. M x

  3. Love love your great purchases!!! No cleaning tips for your flag, hope you can find something. Try Google-ing it!!! Have a great week!
    Loretta & Kitty

  4. Can't you just swish the flag in a tub of tepid water with mild detergent?? Drip dry of course. Lovely finds :)

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  6. you could try laying the foxed parts of the flag twixt slices of brown bread- I've often found this removes foxing on fabric and paper, but try not to wash it, the centre print may disolve (they aren't very permanent), the colours may run and if the fabric is brittle or age/sun faded it may well shred. If its very dusty you can sponge it with a damp sponge and warm water.
    Sorry if that sounds a bit dramatic but I had so many flags buying-&-selling at the height of flag fashion frenzy I learnt all this thru trial and error!

  7. Its so uplifting when you find that one thing at the boot sale that gives you joy to own it. Love all your finds.....xx

  8. Hi, Deb...

    What perfectly fun purchases you made. The teaspoons are a delight, and the vintage books, especially the pink, add a special touch to any room.

    I am attaching a link to an article I wrote about cleaning vintage linens. It may work for your flag. The link to the product is on the post, too.

    It's called Vintage Textile Soak. Or you can try good old 20 Mule team Borax first. Anyway I hope this helps.

    Marianne xo


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