Tuesday 26 April 2011

Bee happy ..... bee lucky!

Hope you all had a great Easter break. 

I won a giveaway yesterday, some cool crochet bits and pieces, so pleased! Check out Lynda's blog, it's so cool.

I also went to the annual local duck race yesterday that ran through the village, the local cricket club organises it every year to raise funds.

Husband and I named a couple of ducks but number 15 Bee happy duck didn't win :(

After the duck race we had been invited to a charity garden party at a friends house over the road.  We bought raffle tickets on the way in and then forgot about the draw until one of my numbers came up!

I had a good look at the table of prizes and finally decided upon the bottle of Mumm champagne with 2 glasses :)

I also got the chance to hold 2 little boy puppies who are 2 weeks old :) they are so cute!
these little fellows are actually one of my dogs half brothers so we will be able to go and check on them often :)

Something different but had to share. We came out to the car over the weekend and found some bird poo on the windscreen.  Is it me or is it a skull?

And finally, on Saturday there was a huge thunder and lightening storm here and it also hailed.  Not sure how many of you had this but the hail was huge! We had taken shelter in the summer house so I sent husband out in it to get some for me to photograph :)

Hope you all have a great 3 day week!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!


  1. An annual duck race, how English is that! Enjoy your champers, and those pups are beautiful. xx

  2. Congratulations on your win! And WOW! Those are some pretty icy looking hail stones! You could get a headache if you got hit with enough of those!!! ^_^

  3. We had thunder and lightening but no hail stones - as my daughter used to call it henstucking instead of hailstoning. Cute. Puppies are adorable.

  4. My brooch arrived today - lovely - thank you very much - and pretty packaging too - thanks for the labels and magnet as well. :)

  5. You are one lucky ducky well done on both the wins, shame your little duck didnt come in as well for the triple win! Hehe at the skull poo. Scarlett x

  6. We have a duck race in our village in the summertime xx Congrats on your wins :)

  7. My Mum has a duck race down the road from where they live. How cute are those puppies.....

    don’t you go drinking all that champers! ;)

    Lou xxx

  8. Good choice with the champers! And there is something so delicious about the scent of very young puppies, I could 'smell' them as soon as I saw your picture! yum :)

  9. Congrats on winning a giveaway! I remembered one time i had the same duck race in Singapore, we did the same thing but yes i didnt win either but it was fun! But you're so lucky to win the raffle draw, enjoy the champagne!! i do see the poop looks like a skull, did you see the bird? or was it an evil bird? hehehe we're fortunate enough not to get the hail and thunder here but boy oh boy the wind is fierce here! Thanks for entering the giveaway! really appreciate it! xoxo

  10. ha ha ha yes it definitely looks like a scull i say ;-)) Bless you making your hubby catch the hail stones ;-) We have had nothing but sunshine for nearly 2 weeks now but there is a thunder storm booked for the weekend so they say i am praying that it doesn't. Congratulations on your wins ;-)) Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  11. Congrates on the giveaway! Wonderful wins! And I LOVE the duck race! Now how cute is that!!!


  12. It sounds like the PERFECT day to me! So wonderful!


  13. So nice all of it...the puppies are so darn cute. I was wondering if you could read my blog? I had another blogger tell me they could hardly read my blog....could you give me some input my dear friend. I love my gift's....I hope you got my other thank you.
    Let me know if you could about my blog. Thank you.

  14. Now I want a puppy! Gorgeous. I love the duck race - where abouts was it? I'll make a note to go next year. I tried to reply to you about our village fair but the email got returned. Its on the 3rd September at Thorpe Hesley Communitry centre (next to the church) near Rotherham. I'll let you know the start time as soon as I know. x

  15. Congratulations on both your wins. I bet the champagne was lovely. Yes, the bird poo very definitely looks like a skull lol.

    Thanks for popping by my blog ... :0)

    Shirl x

  16. At first I thought the duck race was with real ducks until I saw the yellow rubber ones in the water!!

    Love those puppies!
    Pam x

  17. Many thanks for popping over and following my blog. Well done on your wins. I would have chosen champagne too : ) xx

  18. Hello, thank you for popping in. It's lovely to meet you. You have a very lovely blog.
    Take care x

  19. Brill - the champagne will come in handy Friday. That skull bird poo is spooky! How are you going to resist buying those puppies? They are too, too sweet for words.

  20. A duck race sounds fab, not heard of these before! Nice prize as well, nice to sit in the garden in the sun with a glass of champers!


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