Tuesday 5 April 2011

Bee happy .... try a new magazine

I bought a new style of magazine Jeanne d'Arc Living which I found on
Betty and Violets blog

I bought issue 1, 2 and 3 from this year and they came wrapped in tissue paper with gorgeous stickers and a little note. Then each magazine was then wrapped individually, it was great unwrapping, just like a birthday or Christmas!

A lovely little card enclosed

A little postcard which is so cute was also enclosed
Check out this blog it is so gorgeous and full of lovely things.

The magazines are like books and full of gorgeousness I absolutely love them! There are recipies, photos of rooms, decorating ideas, articles and so much more!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!


  1. ooohhh those look nice your enjoy reading those snuggled up on the sofa ;-)) Thanks for little link i will pop over. Take lots of care, dee xx

  2. Im following the blog now, isnt it fab? Thye mags look lovely, no wonder you ordered 3 at a time! x

  3. That looks great and just right for reading with yucky weather outside!

  4. Those magazines look lovely. I go now and check out that blog. Groetjes!

  5. They look like they are full of gorgeous things!!! What lovely packaging.

  6. looks great - will have to check this out to add to my magazine obsession. Scarlett x

  7. Ive seen these magazines on peoples sidebars before - they look fab!
    Will def check out the blog you recommend!

  8. I once got the christmas edition because I was follower nr. 350, it's a lovely magazine, enjoy them (I would take a cup of tea and cupcake with it!). And thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog and about the knitting, well, my pens think they can do all that, but in reality it's just the basics that I'm doing...
    Have a good day,

  9. Oh they are just as lovely as you! What a very wonderful package to receive. A new magazine to me.
    I so enjoy your blog.
    Lady Linda

  10. I'm heading over to check it out. Thanks!


  11. I have always wanted a copy of this magazine! I will have to order one someday!
    Thank you for stopping by our blog and entering our giveaway! I love the picture on your sidebar of your dogs! :-)
    Have a fabulous week!

  12. Ahhh, my favorite magazine!
    And so beautifully packaged, too.


    Have a beautiful Tuesday,

  13. Wow! Perfect Packaging!...What a treat!

  14. magazines look adorable :) I checked out the blog as well, very cool :)

  15. What a beautiful way to receive a magazine! Much better than just grabbing it off the stand.

    Thanks so much for coming by and joining our giveaway! I wish you luck and hope you have a terrific week!

    Tara~All That Jazz Vintage

  16. I've got one copy of Jeanne D'arc. I really love it but it was £15. Hmmmmph. Your post has made me want to buy another, you little temptress you!!


  17. They look like a good read with lots of pictures and ideas! Thanks for sharing!


  18. Hi! I love your blog name. Can you guess why? ;)

  19. That is a fun magazine ! Following you back !

  20. Just wanted to say what a lovely post! So glad that you have enjoyed reading the magazines ~ they are truly unique and I am addicted to them, which is why I tried so hard to become a reseller in the UK ~ their products are gorgeous too!
    Thanks again for your purchase!
    Ali x


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