Thursday 14 April 2011

Bee happy ..... receive an award!

I have received another award!

This one is from the lovely Susan, Miss Tea

check out her blog cos she has some great things to share :)

I really appreciate the nominations for all of my awards but after thinking long and hard I have decided to keep my blog award free.

I have decided to create an extra page in my sidebar just to keep my awards in to remind me of all the lovely people out there in blog land. Hope this does not offend anyone as I really appreciate all of your comments and company.

Thanks again Susan.

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!


  1. Congrats on the award - you have a fabulous blog :o) Scarlett x

  2. Dear Susan,
    Than you for leaving such a nice comment on our blog! It is so much fun to discover friends a world away while sitting at a computer! I love the photos of your two dogs! So sweet! We lost our little dog of twenty years in January and I still cry over his loss!!
    Peace & Plenty,

  3. awwwww, dont worry about it, hun!! thanks for posting it up and i've become your avid reader in your lovely blog!!


  4. Congratulations ;-)) I have done the same thing as you it gets a little to much other wise and time consuming. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  5. Congratulations! Your blog is lovely and people can't help but notice. Have a wonderful evening.


  6. Hello! Thanks for following my blog and your lovely comment - your blog is fabulous, congratulations on your award, am now following you too :) Have a lovely weekend, Jenny xxx
    p.s keep an eye out on my blog, will be doing a giveaway when I reach 200 followers, only 8 more to go! x

  7. congratulations..happy new week to you. xo

  8. Congratulations on your blog award!
    Very well deserved!

    Have a great week!!


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