Monday 28 February 2011

Bee happy ..... decorate!

Well, I've done it, the kitchen is all finished, wallpapered on Saturday afternoon.  At lunch I asked husband what he had got planned for the afternoon and before he realised it he was helping me wallpaper! lol

He has earned several gold stars as he was a brilliant assistant, passing tools, pasting wallpaper and wiping the pasting table, he's so wonderful!

He also took pics for me so here are a few of them, just need to put some pictures back up on the walls now.

Before picture

Setting up

After getting the tricky bit done around the door and radiator we
stopped for a tea break :)

Finished at about 6.30pm on Saturday, all tidy again. Not bad
to say we started at about 1.30pm

Remember when I painted the woodwork the other day,
well the little dog has got go faster stripes now after walking
near the wet paint!

While the fridge was pulled out to paper behind husband changed the water filter for me, it may have helped him agreeing to wallpaper as he only had to pull the fridge out once then ;)


  1. Oh girl, it beautiful! I LOVE that wallpaper, but I think I've already told you that! :)
    Thanks for checking on the noreplyblogger was mainly for those that I kind of get in conversations with. I don't want to have to comment on their same blog posts over and over. I hope people didn't take it the wrong way. :-0
    Have a great day!

  2. Looks beautiful! I do love your table and chairs as well :o) Ive just ordered some wallpaper to do a feature wall in my bedroom, just need to bribe someone to put it up for me lol. Scarlett x

  3. Thanx for popping over to my blog, for your comments and for becoming a follower! Your site looks right up my street, so will have to become one of your followers too!

    The wallpaper looks great, that is one skill I have never had the confidence to try. I love to paint etc but just not brave enough to try wallpapering..............infact I wouldnt know where to start! lol!

    Have you had a look at my older posts to see the other makeovers I have finished - kitchen etc?

  4. Lol! Glad you approve!

    Ah, you missed another similarity..........we are both still going thru the blogging learning process - with you starting in Nov 2010 and me in Dec 2010!


  5. By the way, where is that pink rug, with the floral trim, from??

  6. looking good! i love flowers - your dog looks slightly confused by the change ! he is delicious.x

  7. Beautiful im soooo jelous! Found your blog through Pretty at Heart , off to read your other posts! Sx

  8. Oh so lovely...and so are amazing. I cant believe how fast you get thing's done and nicely too boot.
    I love dropping back over...I was gone over the weekend.
    P.S. Email me sometime....I have you but I dont know if it went through.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I thought I would pop across, love your blog! your wallpapering looks amazing! I am now a follower!!

  10. What a great job you've done. Place looks great. I also love your painted chairs. I'm inspired by yours. Pamela

  11. That looks beautiful! I've just bought a roll of the same paper to do a feature wall in our hall, I can't wait to get it up now I've seen yours x


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