Monday 21 February 2011

Bee happy .....have a tidy

I have been busy tidying my utility area and thought I would show you the results.

The work top could do with another sand down and re oil but it's one of those jobs that keeps getting forgotten.  I'll put it on husband's jobs to do list :)


  1. ooh its lovely - do you fancy coming to mine at tidying? lol - i really need to do a blitz but my little boy has been extra demanding today. Scarlett x

  2. It really look's nice...I have so much tidying to do in my whole house...I have to get used to all my new job's. Thank you for your nice comment, I really need friend's and am glad your one of them.

  3. Your utility room is so tidy and cute! We love that cabinet skirt. That seed container is very nice, is it vintage?

    Laura and Michele


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