Wednesday 9 February 2011

Bee happy .... paint something

I was fed up with an old shabby trunk looking messy in the hallway so I decided to paint it using tester pots of paint.

The green I had was too dark so I added a pale grey and mixed them all together and ended up with this lovely, much softer green.

I have added some miniature daffodils which I had to cut.  They were growing too fast in their plant pot in the living room, because of the heat I think, and had flopped over with no hope of ever standing straight again.  At least they look good now on my freshly painted trunk.

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  1. I love the trunk!! Im on the look out for one to use as a toy chest for my little boy. Ive got so many things that i've stashed planning to paint them but waiting for a sunny day to crack open the paint pots. Using testers is a fab idea and ideal for a bargainista like me!



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