Friday 25 February 2011

Bee happy ....make a cushion

Well, everything went smoothly at the dentists yesterday, just a check up and a clean.

I have finished my woodwork painting this morning in the kitchen with the help of my two little dogs who enjoyed climbing on me and nudging me while I was sat on the floor painting the skirting boards :)

Hopefully, if my little wallpaper helper (husband) has nothing else on we will be wallpapering very soon, so excited!

I happened to have a spare chair so decided to put it in the bathroom.  Then I decided that I wanted a cushion on it but didn't want to put a nice one in there in case it got really wet.

I came up with a great idea, I had a pack of 2 Cath Kidston dusters stashed away so decided to sew these together to make a cushion, turned it the right way, stuffed it and then machined sewed the last side up.

I am really pleased with the result and because they are dusters they will soak up any splashes no problems.


  1. Fabulous make!! What a great idea - they are too pretty to dust with anyway :o) Scarlett x

  2. Wow pretty dusters, well done you it looks fab ;-)) dee x

  3. Great idea! Looks wonderful, Have a sweet day!

  4. Ingenious and pretty all in one!

    Just popped by to say thank you for your lovely comment. I love hearing from you :o)

    Happy weekend x

  5. what a great idea - i may copy with my pip dusters. xxx


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