Thursday 24 February 2011

Bee happy .... take a delivery

My wallpaper came yesterday afternoon, whoop whoop!  The package looked so lovely :)

I love the patterns that Cath Kidston picks for her wrappings.

I checked all the codes were the same, like a professional, and they were.

It's always a pleasure!

I also love these little cards that are in every order, it's a nice touch.

I'm off to the dentist in a minute with husband, it's time for our check ups :(

This afternoon if my mouth is not too sore I will finish the prep on the woodwork in the kitchen and then I can paint tomorrow and hopefully paper very shortly!


  1. Exciting...its fun to get a little parcel in the post..and where is this gorgeous wallpaper going? I know I have probably missed the post all about it! Yikes! x

  2. Gorgeous wall paper - and you could use the wrapping paper to make cards!! Great to have found another Yorkshire lass! xx

  3. PS Forgot to say, I am starting to paint my kitchen this weekend too. xxx

  4. Oh lucky you- very gorgeous. Have fun!!

  5. scrummy wallpaper - love it! Ive got several of those cath kidston posting bags as I cant bear to throw them away - just looking for what I can use them for... Scarlett x

  6. Oh I love packages prettily wrapped and I must admit Cath Kidston do it in style, such a lovely personal touch. I have a couple saved that I'm either going to use for decoupage or card making at some point :-)

    I'm completely terrified of the dentist so I feel your pain, but I'm sure everything will go smoothly!

    Thank you for following me as now I get to see your lovely blog too, have fun with your gorgeous wallpaper!

    Jem xXx

  7. We are excited to see the finished project! We just love Cath Kidston!

    ~Laura and Michele

  8. Hello sweet lady...I have tried to email you but my computer seem's sick all the time...hubby said I can get a new one soon. I looooooooove your wallpaper...oh my gosh too sweet. I cant wait to see the finished job.

  9. ooohhh beautiful wall paper so pretty, hope all went well at the dentist, happy painting, dee x

  10. LOVE your wallpaper!! It's so exciting when a sweet delivery like that comes to your door!
    So glad you liked the cabinets my mom had Gail make...they're so cute!
    Enjoy that paper!!
    missy :)


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