Thursday 10 March 2011

Bee happy .... get help

I bought this canvas a while ago and wrote this phrase on with a black Sharpie marker.

It needs something else, definitely colour but I'm not sure what, where or how.

Wonder if you have any ideas?

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!


  1. Dont know really, sometimes its best to leave well alone, once you put colour onto it, you cant change it to much.....hard one

  2. Love it, dont know what you can do to add colour - it would be a shame to start on the colour and then not like it. :o) Scarlett x p.s the fabric going to be used in some furniture make overs i think.

  3. It might be cool with some torn tissue paper mod podged over it to give it some color and texture and the marker would show through?

    Or, maybe just brush a wash over the whole thing - maybe seal the marker first with a spray so it doesn't smear.

  4. I'd be inclined to paint the sides of the board rather than the front so you get a pop of colour when you catch it from the side rather than head on if that makes sense? Though I like it as it is too :-)

    Jem xXx

  5. Thanks for you comment on my tray...the green matches my utility room right now, but won't if I change it..which I am def going to do. :) I LOVE the tray though and you sure can't beat the price!
    As far as your sign goes...since it's about sunshine, maybe you could do a really light yellow wash over the whole thing...or even just the edges. Or you could make it look like a sunrise. :) Just some random thoughts there! lol
    Have a great day!

  6. that's my Mom and Niece's song to each other - i LOVE this - color could make it pop some more - but i dunno - i sorta love the simplicity of it all!


    *kiss kiss*
    Erika @ ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  7. I love love this cute sign!

    Enjoy your evening xx

  8. Love it just the way it is.Very striking in the black and white. :0)

  9. No, don't add is great the way it is!
    Julie x

  10. Hello there, thankyou for visiting my blog. I've had a quick look at yours and it's great. Love your picture and I would'nt change a thing!. I am rushing off to John Lewis next week for the little robin's gorgeous! Robx

  11. I think it looks great but I like what Jemm & Jennifer said..I think I would do a small colour line one inch from the edge in a colour of your choosing!
    But you have inspired me to try some art work!

  12. Love sweet husband would always sing this song to our girls when they were younger...must go find him and make him sing it to me right now. xoxox Thanks for visiting me the other day. xoxoxo

  13. What a wonderful blog you have, I see some nices things here..

    Greatings from Holland,


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