Friday 18 March 2011

Bee happy .... help someone!!

I want to put some photos on my blog but it's only letting me put one on. I know to highlight the picture I want to add it to blog but then it won't let me browse any more after one picture is on!

Does anyone know what's wrong?

The windows have gone alright, apart from cutting the phone line for a bit when taking the old front door out, but that's sorted now!

Bee happy x


  1. I had a problem with it only selecting one pic at a time so took ages to load them up but not sure why it wont let you browse any more, hope someone can help. Have a fab weekend Scarlett x

  2. Hi Hun,

    If you browse an upload all the pictures you want to add, before you select them onto the blog, you can do more than one at a time, the pics will stay in your box untill you click select added,
    Hope that helped.

    Huggies Angel

  3. Hi, as Angel said upload more than one and they should all appear, then you should be able to select the ones you want and add them. xx

  4. ooo what a pain I have no idea but I hope you manage to get it sorted I want to see some pics!

  5. I've had the same problem, I kept having to save my post & then go back and edit it before I posted it! I've just swapped to using windows live writer to write my posts & its much easier to add the photos. Only downside is that I've yet to discover how to add tags in that! Good luck with sorting it out.

  6. Happened to me yesterday (and before that) as I decided I wanted to add more photos after I had already loaded the others...When this happens I exit out and then it lets me begin again. Just a glitch in the system I suppose and it does happen from time to time.


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