Tuesday 22 March 2011

Bee happy .... get some bargins and an award!

Saphy at http://saphysprogress.blogspot.com/ kindly gave me this award and I'm so thrilled, thanks Saphy!

I believe I have to tell you 7 things about me now, so here goes.

1. I'm addicted to magazines.

2. I love skulls on things.

3. My favourite films include Rambo and Rocky.

4. I like reading crime thrillers.

5. I am a primary school teacher.

6. I also trained as a nursery nurse.

7. I always buy a large Mr Kipling iced fancy cake for my birthday!

I want to nominate some blogs now which I always enjoy reading.

Bluebird notes at http://bluebirdnotes.blogspot.com/ for her lovely pastel pictures

Irma at http://allemaalkleurtjes.blogspot.com/ for her gorgeous pictures and pastels

Dee at http://deedeesvintageretrodelights.blogspot.com/ she makes great clothes and things for her house

Dutch Sisters at http://dutchsister-s.blogspot.com/ for being so inspiring

Scrappy happy me at http://dayhomemama.blogspot.com/ for her amazing creations

There are loads more I could pick, all the blogs I follow are wonderful in different ways.

Now I want to share some bargins I've picked up over the last couple of days.

£11 instead of £15 from Past Times as it was closing down,
it's for my new front door.

Tea towel £4 from £6 from Past Times again.

Went to Morrisons for food shop and picked this up,
gorgeous bottle and it is also a room scent with the sticks.
Thanks Mester Morrisions £3.50. This will go with all
of my candel sticks and tea light holders.

Went to Dunelm to change a chain for a blind in the
bathroom and came back with this set, £3.99 from £6.99

Mester Morrisons again, £2.50 for house hydranga plant, pot my own.

Got this on ebay, couldn't resist cos it had a skull on!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!


  1. That are some great bargins you're showing here! Thank you so much for the award, we feel honored!
    Have a lovely day too!

  2. Congrats again on the award, i love skulls on things too - especially scarfs and have a few of those, my purse also has a skull hidden in flowers. Scarlett x

  3. Ooh your skull clutch is fab! Skulls are fantastic - I've always wanted an Alexander McQueen skull scarf!

    You've picked up some fantastic bargains - especially love the Morrison's room infuser and the Keep Calm bits from Past Times! :-)

    Jem xXx

  4. You got some great bargains. well done and congratulations on your awards. happy times!xx

  5. Congrats and love your finds That skull purse will be well used I am sure.

  6. What a beautiful plant, and I love the purse with the skull on it. You can use it to frighten your pupils if they get a bit bolshy!

  7. Hi again Bee thanks for dropping by my craft blog just realised I didnt add my reply button there.I must make more bags soon.I have been enduring a crafting block thats why my posts are so few and far between there.All new crafty things I do (am finally back at it) will be on my Vintage blog methinks.(try and save time )but I do have the habit of changing my mind lol

  8. just wanted to pop by to say thanks for the bunny and carrot set - its gorgeous - my son will love it when i give it to him at easter x

  9. Great finds!The tea towel is really fun.

    Take care,

  10. Hey there,

    Thank you for your comment over on my blog. Good luck with the giveaway!

    I love skulls on things too. I have a skull necklace a little bit like the on on your bag. They are so cool!

    MBB x

  11. I love the doormat, and the skull purse!!! Thanks so much for the mention of my blog, you're awesome!! I'll have a new post soon, it was a busy weekend, it'll be about my son's Hollywood Birthday Party! Cheers,

  12. lovely bargain's I am so jealous! especially the past times item's.

  13. Love your treasures...and I am addicted to magazines as well my friend. xooxxo

  14. Fun to get to know you better! LOVE all your finds! I love to shop too!


  15. Mmmmm...lovely treasures. That doormat is wonderful. And so are the hydrangeas - my Mum always had them in the house and garden - takes me right back.

  16. Lovely buys!!! I especially like the doormat - perfect to welcome people to your home.

  17. Well done on the award and thank you so much for giving it to me to ;-) I was given this award a while back and decided at the time to keep my blog award free but because i felt rude with others keep giving them to me i accepted the one that is listed on my blog. So thanks but i hope you don't mind if i don't accept it, but im deeply touched that you thought of. I love that mat and thr tea towel they were a great buy i find anything with this printed on expensive. Enjoy all your lovely buys, dee xx

  18. Congratulations on your award!!!
    Some good bargains there - love the doormat!

  19. Hello and thank you for visiting my blog today! You have some lovely treasures... I especially love the Keep Calm mat from Past Times! I bought a fabulous CD at Past Times of organ music from York Minster (this was YEARS ago) - I thought Past Times was such a fun store (especially for tourists)! ;0


Thank you for your comments, I love to read them all!